It is good to always have a webpage for yourself, affiliate products that you promote, or whatever it is you do. One-page websites are a “new and improved” way to create a website.

You have to look around too much and you lose interest if it’s not found quickly. As they are called, one-page websites make it easy to find information about a company. A one-page document is useful for many things, including a CV, a more personal invitation to an event, a wedding, a personal page, or any other presentation. I use two one-page websites to create web pages. Each has a free and paid version.

Webnode is the first step.

Webnode’s UI is a little tricky and the help could be better, according to me. You can start with a template and modify it to suit your needs, but if you have already selected one then you cannot change it. You must start over.

When you get the hang of the UI, it’s quite impressive with all the features that you need. This is a plain web page without animation or finesse. It is a plain website that provides information. It is a good website for information.

These templates are very minimalistic and I love them. There is not a lot to disturb.

You can get free hosting with the domain name of your choice. If you prefer, you can switch to your domain.

As far as I am aware, there is no limit to the number of pages that you can create. I currently have about 20 pages and that’s fine.

The second is Card

Cards UI is more intuitive, and I believe it has more finesse. You can animate and make a variety of changes to the text and design.

You can start by using the templates for any presentation you wish to make.

The free version allows you to have up to three pages. You can get up to 10 pages for about $10 per month.

These two Website builders are both nice. They’re easy to use and produce good-looking pages that load quickly.

Try it!