In the hybrid office environments of today, managing and controlling sensitive and valuable content can be challenging. A reliable and secure cloud-based governance platform is needed to mitigate the full spectrum of risks associated with content, such as accidental data deletions and privacy compliance. Egnyte is a leading cloud governance solution provider that understands how important it is to manage critical data with trust and reliability. This is why they decided to work with Google Cloud.

Egnyte began its journey to Google Cloud when the management of its data centers became unsustainable, as it continued its steady growth. The constant expansion and maintenance of their data centers caused a pipeline problem that affected their business. Egnyte looked for alternatives that could provide both scalability and reliability. They compared the cloud offerings from every provider and concluded that Google Cloud won out.

Google Cloud offers a network infrastructure that is robust and reaches across the globe. Google Cloud has an unmatched network. Its transoceanic fiber and points of existence in all the markets Egnyte currently operates and those they plan to operate one day. Google Cloud’s flexibility allowed Egnyte better assess the financial risk of this massive data migration.

The migration from Egnyte to Google Cloud took place gradually, without any interruptions in service. The close collaboration between Egnyte and the Google Cloud team was crucial to this success. Google Cloud anticipated some of the challenges Egnyte would face during migration and assisted them in overcoming them.

Egnyte, by migrating to Google Cloud in February 2022 was able to shut down its last datacenter, which resulted in significant benefits for the business. The biggest challenge they faced on-premises was capacity planning. This is no longer an issue. Egnyte is now able to spin up additional resources whenever they are needed on Google Cloud, instead of buying them a year ahead and waiting for them to be shipped.

Egnyte’s entire platform is now running on the most recent storage, processing, networking, and services on Google Cloud. Google Cloud’s services simplify processes for the company and support its flagship products Egnyte Collaborate, Secure and Govern and Egnyte Govern.

Egnyte, by leveraging Google Cloud, can provide even greater reliability and faster scaling to their clients, whenever they require their platform to manage and protect critical content in any cloud, or on any app, anywhere around the globe. This has not just impacted Egnyte but also its clients. Google Cloud has facilitated Egnyte’s cloud migration. It has also reduced costs and provided reliable and secure infrastructure to help their business thrive.

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