Bandwidth Monitoring

SpinServers’s primary goal is to offer enterprise-class web hosting services at affordable prices. We must be attentive to the community’s feedback and listen carefully to achieve this efficiently.

The most requested feature from our community at the moment is a way to easily monitor server traffic. You would have to install a script to monitor bandwidth on each server to monitor traffic properly until our bandwidth monitor was released.

Our traffic monitor provides you with basic statistics to help you get a sense of the server’s activity. Most people will be happy with this, but some clients may need a more robust method of monitoring web traffic. We recommend installing a bandwidth monitor.

The best way to monitor your network and traffic with accuracy is by using third-party software.


Zabbix, an open-source monitoring software, is a tool that monitors IT infrastructure, such as servers, networks, virtual machines and cloud services. Zabbix displays and collects basic metrics. Zabbix was designed as a monitoring tool for IT infrastructure. New features are released approximately every six months for major versions, and every 1.5 years for LTS versions.


Cacti is a web-based, open-source framework for network monitoring, performance management, fault detection and configuration management. It was designed to be a front-end application for RRDtool, an industry-standard open-source data logging software. Cacti enables a user to poll at predetermined intervals and graph the data. Cacti has been extended by using plugins to cover all FCAPS operational management categories. It is used to plot time-series metrics, such as CPU load or network bandwidth usage. One common use is to monitor network traffic via Simple Network Management Protocol.

NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer is a complete tool for traffic analysis that uses flow technology to give real-time visibility into network bandwidth performance. NetFlow Analyzer is primarily a network monitoring tool that optimizes thousands of networks around the world by providing a holistic view of their network bandwidth.

NetFlow Analyzer, a unified traffic monitor, collects data about how your bandwidth is used and by who. NetFlow Analyzer optimizes the bandwidth of over one million interfaces around the world, in addition to performing Network Forensics and network traffic analysis.