WordPress Tips & Tricks

Amazing WordPress Tips and Tricks

WordPress is a popular content management system and people all over the world use it to build and manage their websites. WordPress is a user-friendly platform and it offers a lot of resources from where you can learn about it and become a WordPress pro. Though there is a lot of information available for learning but the best part about WordPress is that you do not require extensive knowledge to be able to use it. Anyone can use this platform to build and manage a website.

There are thousands of tools, plugins, and extensions available that not only help you to do complex tasks easily but you can also save a lot of time. Learning about WordPress is very easy and in this blog, we have collected some useful tips and tricks about WordPress that will help you to manage your website easily.

Using Google Analytics

Analytics software can help you measure the traffic of your website. These types of software also help you to collect useful information about your website that you can use to measure the success and traffic of your website and it also helps you to improve your website. Analytics software is essential and you should be using this software for your website so that you know what is the performance of your website.

The most popular analytic software that is widely used is the Google Analytics. Google analytics is very easy to use and there is no rocket science in using this software. It helps you to identify the state and performance of your website with the help of many tools.

Getting Started with Google Analytics: This is the official guide to the Google Analytics. Click on the link to understand how to use it to measure the traffic of your website.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP: Click on this link to get this free plugin that will help you to connect your WordPress website with google analytics.

By using a Content Management System

We all know that WordPress is one of the best platforms that are available for blogging. It can be used as a content management system and it is a truth that WordPress is the best content management system that is available on the market today. However, WordPress is not only a tool for developing a website but, it can also perform several other functions as well.

You can use WordPress to manage your online store, operations for nonprofit, companies, different types of events, restaurants, hotels etc. In short, WordPress can perform many useful tasks for you.
WordPress Lessons: Click here to learn more about how to use WordPress to do different tasks from the security of your website to using several functions.

Customize the Comments Section

The comment section is an important section of your website. It is not only a source of interaction with your readers but can also be a source of learning. You can learn a lot from your customers because sometimes, discussion forum and comments have some useful content. Therefore, it is very important that the comment section is easy to use.

WordPress can also help you to manage the comment section of your website. You can manage your comment section by navigating to Settings Discussion Screen on the dashboard of your WordPress. This helps you to control and customize the setting of your WordPress and you can perform different tasks, you can block comments from the audience, allow or disallow comments, toggle off email notifications etc.

Managing Comments

If many people visit your website and you have huge traffic, then it means you will also get a lot of comments and managing these comments is very important. We have gathered some useful resources that will help you better manage the comment section of your website. If your site gets a lot of traffic, it’s feasible you’ll get a lot of comments, too. Here are a few resources for better managing comments. These resources are given below.

  • Basics of Comment Moderation
  • Discussion Settings
  • Comment Moderation
  • How to Highlight the Author’s Comments
  • Facebook for Developers Plugin
  • Facebook Comments for WordPress

Style the Comments Form

Here is a resource that will help you to enhance and style the comment section of your website. This tutorial has some useful information about how you can manually code styles for your website’s comment section.

How to Style Your Comment Form

Using a Child Theme

A child theme is embedded in a lot of WordPress themes. Child theme helps you to manage your website effectively and efficiently. With the help of a child theme, you can make as many changes as you want on your website without worrying that your PHP code or CSS will be wiped out once
your WordPress theme is updated. We have collected some useful resources that will help you learn more about a child theme.

Child Themes This will help you create a child theme for your website from scratch.

Advanced Child Themes: This is an advanced guide that is specifically designed for web developers who are expert in this field.

Child theme generator plugin: This is a link to a plugin that will help you to generate a child theme for our website.

WordPress Custom Fields with the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin

Custom fields play an important role in managing your WordPress website. For web developers, customer fields are very important. With the help of custom fields, you can associate metadata with any page or post of your website.

When you want to permit the users of your website to add metadata to a post then, using custom fields is very useful. Custom fields are stored in your database in a table that is named as wo_postmeta.

Custom fields can perform many useful tasks including:

  • Creating an expiration for a page or a post
  • Adding ratings to a movie review post
  • Enter some information for a product such as a price.

WordPress can create custom fields built in and you can use these custom fields to perform many tasks to make things easier for you. Advanced Custom Fields Plugin (AFC) is an important and easy to use a plugin that will also help you to save a lot of time. It can also add more extensions to help you.

Getting Started With AFC: Here is the tutorial that can answer your questions about AFC. You can learn about getting started with AFC and performing different tasks with the help of it by this tutorial.

Managing Ads

Advertisements are a great way to make money through your website. Millions of WordPress websites display ads and in return, they earn money. Plugins help you to manage and control ads that are displayed on your website. We have gathered information about some useful plugins that can help you to schedule ads of your website, create different filters etc. Following is the list of plugins.

  • Advanced Ads
  • AdRotate
  • WP Pro Advertising System
  • Adsanity

Create a Widget

The widget can be anything useful. Examples of a widget include google maps, search bars etc. Adding a widget to your WordPress website is very easy. All you have to do is simply go to your dashboard, now navigate to appearance > Widgets. There, you can see what kind of widgets are provided by your WordPress theme.

Sometimes, it happens that you like a widget and really want to add it to your website. But, the theme of your website does not support that widget. In this case, you can use a plugin. Here are some useful plugins that will help you to insert widgets in your WordPress website.

  • Google Maps Widget
  • YouTube Widget Responsive

Custom Page Templates

One of the best things about WordPress is that you can create your custom page templates and reusable templates. Creating a new theme and adding it to the existing theme directory is very easy.

You can do it with any method that you want. But, the easiest way to do is to simply copy the current single.php file, modifying it by making necessary changes and then saving it under a different name. You can learn more about it by this WordPress Developer Handbook section on page template files.

Cool Tricks

WordPress has a lot to offer to its users. There are many amazing and cool features in WordPress that you should use to enhance the functionality of your website. We have gathered information about some cool editing features for your website.

  • Post from Email: With the help of it, you can directly post from your email.
  • Display Random Posts: This tutorial will help you to understand how to support random posts.
  • Broken Link Checker: This plugin detects broken links in your website.
  • Coming Soon Plugin: This plugin helps you to add a page that is still under construction.
  • HTML to WordPress: This tutorial will teach you to make an HTML template into a

Performance Boosters

Mostly, WordPress developers use the method of caching to boost the performance of a website. Here are some common methods by which you can enhance the performance of a website.


Caching is a method is which a combination of server caching and browser caching is used to boost the performance of a website. Here is a list of some useful caching plugins.

  • WP Fastest Cache
  • WP Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Use Server Cache-Control to Improve Performance

File Optimization

Optimization helps you to use your resources efficiently. Here are some ways to do it:

Image Optimization

If you use high-quality images on your website, then they can take a lot of space. Therefore, it is important to optimize images so that the speed of your website can be improved. Here are some plugins that can help you to reduce the size of your images.

  • Imagify Image Optimizer
  • WP Smush
  • Minification
  • Autoptimize

Content Delivery Networks

Content delivery networks, also known as distribution network transfer data efficiently with the help of a group of servers. If you are not satisfied with the results even if you have used caching method and image optimization method, then this options is for you. Here are some popular content delivery networks:

  • Amazon Cloudfront
  • KeyCDN
  • Cloudflare

Style the Backend

You can customize and style the backend or admin sections of your website. Here are a few ways to do it. Click on the link to learn more.

  • Creating an Admin Theme
  • Customizing the Login Form
  • Custom Login Plugin

Create a Multisite Network

WordPress.com has millions of subdomains and an example of a multisite network is wordpress.com itself. If you want to create a multisite network, then this article will help you getting started: Before You Create a Network.

Create a Social Hub

There are many social networks available in the market and leveraging these social networks into your website will help you to get more opportunities. Use plugins like Juicer and Flow-Flow Social Stream to display feeds from social media profiles.

Build Web Pages Without Coding

Not everyone has a lot of knowledge about web development and coding. For this reason, there are many drags and drop website builders available and they are designed specifically for non-coders and they increase the design process. Some website builders are free of cost, whereas, some charge minimal fees. An example of a free plugin is Page Builder by SiteOrigin that can be very useful.

Backing Up WordPress

Having a backup is very important for the security of your website. It keeps your content safe. In case something happens, you will not have to worry about the loss of your content if you have a backup. Backing up WordPress is not so difficult and you can do it easily. Here are some resources to help you get started.

Use a Backup Service

Some backup services are VaultPress and BackupBuddy.

Use a Free Backup Plugin

Following plugins can help you to create a backup of your website.

  • BackUpWordPress
  • BackWPup
  • Dropbox Backup and Restore

Moving an Entire WordPress Site

Duplicator is a plugin used for moving an entire WordPress website.