Start a Successful Blog Fast!

How To Start a Successful Blog

Choosing a Concept For The Blog

Select a topic that you care about and wish to share with the world. It is important to keep a blog regularly updated. The content presented on the blog should be fresh and up-to-date to keep the readers’ interest alive. Following are some genres that can be considered for the blog topic:

  • Politics – your personal opinion about political happenings can be presented. You can also take a neutral stand and present different sides of current political issues.
  • Fashion/beauty – many people find it interesting to share ideas about latest trends in the fashion world. You can also talk about your own personal style or give tips about finding fashion bargains and create wardrobes on a budget.
  • Movies – this is an evergreen topic of discussion. New/old, international, indie, comedy, drama etc. are some of the movies genres that can be covered and reviews shared. It is always nice to accompany movie reviews with video clips.
  • Career – if you aren’t interested in talking about personal/casual topics, your field of work or business can always be a great blog topic. Career related blogs are also useful for networking with other professionals and bloggers in the industry.

Select An Approach For The Content On The Blog

There are many different ways of handling the chosen topic for the blog. It depends on how you want to connect with your readers and what impact you want to have through your blog. Here are some of them:

  • Provide facts, news and figures – you can develop your blog posts as news articles that provide useful information about the topics you care about.
  • Teach through your blog – if you have in depth knowledge and experience in a subject and wish to share it with your readers, an instructional blog is always a good choice.
  • Inspire others – you can talk about your experiences of challenging situations and overcoming them. This can inspire and encourage others to think and act positively in their lives.

Maintain Certain Boundaries For The Blog

It is important to make sure that the opinions expressed on your blog do not generate a lot of hatred and offend groups of people. Also, you should make sure to check with your co-workers, family members, friends etc. if you are planning to share personal experiences that involve them.

Scan Other Blogs With Similar Topics

Research other blog with similar topics to get an idea about the concepts already be discussed. This will help to find a special aspect for your blog so that it does not end up becoming too repetitive.

Select a Suitable Name For The Blog

Brainstorm with friends, co-workers and family about names for your blog. Having a suitable and not-too-complicated name is one of the very important points for the success of the blog.

Help People Find Your Blog Online

Nowadays there are keyword suggestion sites available to help you find the right keywords for your blog. For example: is one such site. At first you can find relevant keywords for your topic that you can try to fit into your blog name.

This generally helps to improve the number of times your blog shows up on searches. The tool can also be used later to find keywords to include into your blog posts. This will further improve the chances of your blog being viewed by people on the internet.

Launching The Blog On a Blog Site

Once you have the initial steps of concept, name and keywords for a blog taken care of, you can launch your blog on a site. There multiple blogging sites that currently popular with bloggers worldwide. Blogger and WordPress rank highest among the popular sites.

  • Blogger – Blogger is owned by Google. It is extremely easy to setup, use and maintain in the long run. Other advantages of Blogger include its traffic management tools and affordable price. You can buy a domain name from Blogger for $10 per year. If you are starting on a low budget, you can use the
    free domain name like that you get from Blogger.
  • WordPress – Using WordPress for your blog is a little more complicated when compared to Blogger. However, better quality tools are available for management and promotion of the blog. Custom domain names are available for $18 per year and an existing domain name can be used by the blogger at $13 per year.
  • Tumblr – Tumblr is a micro-blogging site. Its plus points include a user-friendly interface and opportunities to make money from advertising on your blog.

Promoting the blog

Use Social Media Sites To Introduce Your Blog

Using your personal or business social media account to increase readership on your blog is always a great idea. Blog posts can also be shared by adding buttons at the bottom of the posts. This way readers that like your posts have the ability to further share the posts by clicking on the social media buttons.

Write About Yourself On The Blog

Make sure you create an “About Me” page or section on your blog. Utilize this page to familiarize your readers about your personal background and overall experience with the chosen topic of the blog.

Network With Other Bloggers

A blog page is very good medium to increase your social and professional network. Make sure you visit other blogs from your field of interest and like/comment on the blog posts of your liking. This helps in getting you and your blog noticed and familiarizes bloggers with your knowledge in the field.

List Your Blog

Listing your blog with directories like Technorati, Blogger’s listings or Blogdex also helps with spreading word about it on the internet.

Write And Publish Quality Content For The Blog

To keep the interest of regular readers alive and also increase the reader traffic on your blog it is of utmost importance to publish good content devoid of grammatical errors. Simple but attractive templates and layouts also help in keeping the blog interesting. Lastly, you should make efforts to always keep your blog active with up-to-date information and new posts for your readers.

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