Privacy Policy Generator

Creating a good privacy policy for your website is an important factor that is usually ignored by many people. It is a truth that most of the people do not read privacy policies. There are only a few of us who take the time to read a privacy policy but they also get frustrated by its impenetrable legalese. Due to this reason, many website owners think that they do not need a privacy policy. However, even if you think that you don’t need it, you still need a privacy policy.

There are many reasons for having a privacy policy of a website. But, the most important reason is that you need a privacy policy because it might be required by law. If someone decides to sue you for any reason, a privacy policy can help you in this regard. It can reduce your liability in such case.

Another reason of having a privacy policy is that it builds your reputation. Having a privacy policy makes your website look more professional and credible. People may not click on your privacy policy to read it, but they will still think that you care about the privacy of the users of your website. Therefore, it is important that you have a privacy policy for your website.

How to Create a Privacy Policy

You have learned that privacy policy is important for your website and if you own a website, then you should have a privacy policy for it. The question arises that how to get a privacy policy. There are different ways to create a privacy policy. You can hire a lawyer for this purpose but that would be expensive.

If your website does not have too much traffic, then hiring a lawyer would be costly for you. The second way is to copy the privacy policy of another similar website that is like your website and change the names. But, the problem with this method is that it can harm your website in future and that it is illegal.

The easiest way to create a privacy policy for your website is to use a privacy policy generator. There are many websites on the internet which are offering services of generating a privacy policy. You just provide them with your name and URL and their privacy policy generator will generate a general-purpose privacy policy for you. Here are a few frequently asked questions about this topic:


Who need a privacy policy?

Every website owner should have a privacy policy for his or her website. It looks credible and professional. Above all, people who use your website will assume that you care about them and this will help you to develop a relationship of trust with your users.

Why do I need a privacy policy?

It may be a legal requirement to have a privacy policy. In case anything happens, it will limit your liability.

What is included in the privacy policy?

Usually, there are 5 sections of the privacy policy of a website. The privacy policy provides information about what kind of information is collected by the website, where the personal data of a user will be saved, IP addresses and cookies, uses of personal data of a website user and the rights of a user. It also assures the readers that you will keep their data safe. It also provides information about future changes and contact information.

What is included in the Terms and Conditions?

The terms and conditions (T&C) is also a document like the privacy policy. However, it is much more complicated as compared to the privacy policy. T&C has the detailed information that what can be done and what cannot be done on the website. It tells the readers that you won’t be held responsible for any problems, how the users are expected to behave when they are using the website, you own the website etc.

What are my rights with the privacy policy and T&C?

You can use the privacy policy and Terms and conditions of your website however you want. You can make changes in these documents and these two documents belong to you.

Can I use the generated privacy policy as it is?

There are many companies who are offering service of generating privacy policy through their websites. They generate a general-purpose policy for your website. They try to cover all the important issues but some websites may need the addition of some issues or removal of some points. Therefore, you should read it carefully and decide what you want you to add and what do you want to remove.

You can also use it as it is but still, it is recommended that you understand it first and know that what are the issues that are included in the privacy policy and if there are any issues that are not included in it, then you should include those issues.

Do I need to read the privacy policy?

Yes, you should read the privacy policy generated by a privacy policy generator before publishing it on your website. You should understand that what you are guaranteeing the users of your website and then publish it.