How To Search The Internet

How to Search and Determine Credible Sources on the Internet

There are over 600 million active websites on the internet and this rate is increasing day by day. Anyone who knows a little bit about how to use the internet can create a website. Thus, schools, business owners, government entities, churches, security departments, forces have created websites so people could access them online 24/7. Even there are people with personal blogs or website where they share their personal thoughts, hobbies, family, entertainment etc.

There are hundreds and millions of websites that teach online, offer jobs online, offer selling and buying things online, other services and things. But, are you sure that the one you are using is reliable? Are you sure the information you are reading is true? Or you even know the money you are investing is going to right place? The website where you used your credit card will not steal your money? No, there are millions of websites that are fake, that steal your personal information, that share fake and unnatural information just to promote their website.

Out of all these, can you protect yourself from getting fooled? Can you rely on something? Of course, there are ways to evaluate the credibility of a website and we are going to share these with you. Keep reading!

Start with the well-known sites

When you start browsing something, go for the sites that are already famous, related to some big authority and you already know like when you want the news updates of some event in New York city or London, the best and reliable choices for you will be Times or BBC or any other famous news channel’s original website.

Don’t always trust the websites that are on the top of Google search result list, it is because they have a big budget. If you get some news from a local website or some blog and you get the same news with some other information from the website of BBC. The chances are that your local website has uploaded the contents with wrong information or it is not updated. The well-known and famous websites are more reliable than the local websites and blogs.

Check the dates of the contents

There are websites that also show the date when they last time updated the contents of the website. If you are reading information that is updated a few hours ago or a few days ago and then you land on a website that has not been updated for years. You know which one has the more accurate and reliable information. Things change every day, websites that update regularly are more credible.

But how can you tell if the website has updated its contents or not if it has no dates? There is a trick that can help you with this. There are many websites that will hyperlink information along with the article. If you land on such a website and the link provided is not working. That definitely means the link is too old, dead and the contents in the link do not exist. That shows that the website has not been updated for years and is not maintained anymore.

Check the credentials of the writer

Another way to check the credibility of the contents of a website is to check the credibility of the one writing the contents. If you need some information about your exercise to lose weight, be sure that the one writing the contents is a professional fitness expert, not some person who likes eating junk food.
In the world of internet, the owner of the website can write anything on their website. If the person writing the contents says that he is fitness expert does not mean he is telling the truth. Believe only the people that provide a reference to his or her credentials.

Another way to check the credibility is to match the content you need with a few websites and check what the similarities are. These similar things will help you get the reliable information.

Check the TLD (top level domain) and Domain

The domain is the name of the website for example in this address http// the domain of the website is Top level domain or TLD is the last part of the domain like .com, .org, .net etc. You can easily determine the credibility of the website by looking at its top level domain to determine what kind of website it is. This part will show you the purpose of the website from which you can judge the credibility.

The website with the TDL .gov is government officials. When you see a website ending with .gov you know that the website is from your government and is reliable. Any information you need about the government official will be found accurately on this domain instead of any other domain.

The most common and the most famous top level domain is .com. It is used by business owners, artists, personal websites, companies, search engines or any other person or organization because it is the most known domain.

The website with .org shows that the website is from some non-profitable organization or any organization. The domain with .edu shows that the website is related to educational stuff only. Don’t be very sure about the information provided by .edu websites because these are not only written by highly professional people but students as well.

There are over 700 top level domains created for every type of website from .eat to .uk. All these shows the type of the website and which category it falls. It will help you get the service you want more easily but it does not determine the reliability of the website up to 100% but it still helps you a lot to filter your search. It is good to read everything online with a keen sight and notice every little thing on the internet.

Read a bit more

If you like a person’s opinion on a website but not sure if the information provided is correct or is biased then do a bit hard work. Read some other articles from the same writer. You will feel the credibility of the contented and if it is biased or not. Like if you want to compare the camera of iPhone and Android, you should not visit their original websites. The information provided on the will be biased. If you require such information, considering the opinion of the users will be more reliable.

Notice the little mistakes

You can check the credibility of the website by checking the contents of the website. A well-managed website will provide more accurate information than a website by some hobbyist. Check if you find the grammatical errors or misspellings in the contents and the layout of the website. A well-managed website’s owner will avoid any grammatical errors or misspellings to make his or her website look more professional.

Double check the information via your local library

No doubt internet provides all type of information but not all the information on the internet is true. Anyone can make a website and write anything they want. So, we can not believe all the information on the internet. Your local library will always be the best way to get the most reliable information. Books or research papers in the libraries are all written by the professionals and then verified and approved by the other great professionals around the world. If you are the lazy person and you don’t want to go to a library, you can access libraries sitting in your home via the internet.

Libraries now allow uploading their contents online so it can be accessed by anyone in the world but many of this information is not available on the normal search engines. To access all the research database you will require a subscription to the library to access those files.

Don’t trust the first thing you see

Don’t trust the information you see at first place, no matter how realistic that information looks. Double check the information. Search that particular information on other sources as well for great credibility. Note down the information you required, check the reliability by all the mentioned ways above, verify from some book or research paper in the library. After doing this you have a greater probability that the information you have collected is accurate.

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