How to Make a Website Fast!

A website is a set of web pages that is available on the internet. You might think that creating a website must be a very difficult process and only professionals who have a degree or diploma in this field can perform this task. However, the truth is that making a website is not a rocket science. Even people who are new to this field can learn how to make a website.

The only difficult part of this whole process is to be consistent and learn how to do this process. The first step to learning this is understanding the basics of the process behind creating the website.

There are many methods by which you can create a website. You will have to choose a method that is suitable for your skills and requirements. Following are some of the methods to make a website.

Using a Website Builder

A website builder is a tool which is actually an application that is used to create a website. It also includes web hosting plans that are sometimes free of cost and sometimes they charge a small fee. A good example of a website builder is GoDaddy’s website builder.

The main purpose of a website builder is to help those people build their own website who do not have the technical knowledge of programming and web development. Some website builders are only a subscription service, for example, Squarespace. These subscription services also include free web hosting services.

Website builders include templates and their users can easily use the templates to build a website. With the help of templates, there is no need of coding and you can give your website a unique and different look by personalizing your website with the help of a template.

There are many types of templates. Some templates even allow you to personalize your web page by simply dragging and dropping different page elements. There are also hundreds and thousands of template designs available on the internet and you can choose any design as per your choice and requirements.

There are many providers of website builders and they all have different packages. Some packages include domain names, some are free of cost whereas some charge fee, some may even limit the number of pages of your website. Therefore, before choosing a website builder, you should think and choose a plan carefully as per your needs and requirements.

Using a Content Management System

Another method that is used to make a website is Content Management System. It is also a user-friendly application. With the help of content management system, you can easily manage the content of your website. But, this method requires technical skills and you can only benefit from this option if you have some technical skills.

There are many functions that you can perform through content management system or CMS such as creating, editing and publishing content and uploading and storing the media for your website. All of these functions are very easy to perform and you only require a few technical skills to do this.

There are many popular platforms for content management systems. Examples of such popular systems are Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. These platforms may require you to first buy a web hosting service and then install a content management system. Though creating a new website is not an easy task but with the help of content management systems (CMSs), this task has been made simpler for us.

Themes play an important role while designing a website. But, creating a website with the help of CMS is as easy as choosing a good theme. There are many themes available for content management systems that allow you to create a website easily.

Some of the themes are free of cost but you can also buy a theme as per your choice. Some themes give you more control over your website design while others give less control. Therefore, you should choose a theme carefully as per your needs. If you have the limited budget, then you can choose a free theme and use it as it is. On the other hand, if you want to invest in a very good theme that provides great control over the website, then you can also purchase it.

To enhance the functionality of your website, you can also use plugins, ad-ons or extensions with a content management system. The installation process of these plugins is very easy and you can do it in minutes. They perform various functions such as adding icons or backing up the data. Some plugins are free of cost whereas some also cost money but it is up to you that what type of plugins you want to use.

Coding Your Own Website

Coding your own website is one of the difficult methods that is used to make a website. This method requires extensive knowledge of coding if you want to create an excellent website. Though coding is a difficult task and it requires time to learn it, but, anyone can learn to code.

All the material related to coding is easily available on the internet and anyone can access it easily. As compared to other methods in which you require a template or a theme, in this method, you will have to start by creating a skeleton of your website with the help of coding. Hypertext markup language (HTML)is a language that is used for coding along with Cascading style sheets (CSS) and JavaScript to make a website.

You can choose how you want the content and media on your website to be shown on the web browser with the help of HTML. Whereas CSS and JavaScript manipulate the functionality of your website.
There are many benefits of coding your own website.

Hypertext markup language is the most commonly used language in the coding world. If you want to move your website, you can do it very easily without facing any problems. Another benefit of coding a website is that if you want to hire a web designer to work on your website, he will already know HTML and will be comfortable with it and you won’t have to deal with any problems.

There are multiple ways to code a website. You can do coding by hand or by using an editor called WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get). Both of these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. When you code by hand, you have full control over your work but it is a time taking process. On the other hand, when you use WYSIWYG editor, you know how your code will be displayed and this can help you a lot while designing your website layout.

While deciding whether you should code by hand or use the WYSIWYG, one important factor to consider is the purpose of your website. If you want to start a blog or create a simple website, then you should use WYSIWYG because there is no need of extensive knowledge of coding when you are using the editor. On the other hand, if you are familiar with the hypertext markup language (HTML) then you should polish your skills by learning to code and create a website that you actually want.

Hiring a Developer or Designer

Another method by which you can create a website is to simply hire a web developer or a web designer to make your website. There are many benefits of hiring someone to do this job for you. First of all, though this method seems expensive but actually it is very affordable and almost everyone can afford the services of a web developer. You don’t need any technical knowledge because a web developer will be doing everything on your behalf.

You also do not have to learn anything and you can save a lot of your time and focus on other activities such as marketing your business. If you only want to design a single website and you won’t be needing any other website in the future, then this is the best option that you should choose.