How To Get on The First Page of Google…Fast!

Google ranking is the method that google uses to determine the relevance, popularity, and usefulness of a website that appears in a google search. Pages that have the highest ranking appears at the top of the google search.

“Google ranking drop” this term is not less than a dreadful nightmare for a web publisher. What if you face the google ranking drop? Your website will no longer appear in the top search. And in some cases, may not appear at all. Your fans will no longer access to your website easily and you won’t be able to sell your products or increase the traffic of your website unless you recover the ranking drop. Now, what to do if you, unfortunately, face the google ranking drop?

The first step you need to do is diagnose what kind of google drop are you facing, is it because of a single page or the whole website. You’ll not be able to fix the problem unless you know what kind of problem it is.

There are many factors that can become a cause for a ranking drop. It is possible you that won’t be able to solve the problem yourself. In such case, you’ll have to consult a professional in search engine optimization for further help. Stay calm! Let me guide you further, continue reading the main reasons for google drop.

Keyword Drop
Sometimes a single keyword becomes a cause of the ranking drop. You perhaps lost all the traffic due to a keyword. Check google analytical, if this is the case then update the particular keyword with the newest version to regain your position. Some other options that may help you in such a case are Word stream, SEMrush or Webmaster tools.

Whole Website’s Ranking Drop
In this case, your whole website’s ranking drops in search engine result pages. Maybe, it is because the google has updated the algorithm. Don’t scream, stay calm, adjust your site to correct any issues, update it and wait for a while before the google updates the search engines result pages.

Understanding Google’s Algorithm Updates

Google is constantly updating algorithm to make it more user-friendly over time. If you want your website to stay at the top in the search result page for a long period, you’ll have to develop a high-quality website with high quality and user-friendly content. Some important and recent algorithm updates by google are given below

  • Mobilegeddon: In this update, google tried to give preference to a website that is more mobile friendly in its search result page. This doesn’t have much impact on search results.
  • Pigeon: It was released in 2004. This update was an effort to makes the local search more relevant.
  • Pirate: This update targeted copyrights violators. This update affected a limited number of websites with a long history of copyright violation and their google search visibility was almost over.
  • Panda: This update targeted the issue of low-quality content. If you are facing this issue, you’ll have to update your website with high-quality content and update the previous content.
  • Penguin: This update targeted the over-optimization issues for the sites that had too many low quality backlinks. If you are facing ranking drop due to this, you’ll have to decrease the number of low quality backlinks to your site.
  • Hummingbird: This update was used to make the google search more natural. Like before you would search keywords like “best phone” now you can use natural words like “what is the best phone with high MP camera under 200 dollars?”.

How to Fix and Improve Google Ranking

Let’s discuss how to fix and improve google ranking.

Find and fix Robots.txt files
Robots.txt files give the instructions to search engine bots on which pages to show and which ones to ignore. It is possible that it is telling the bot to ignore your entire website. To diagnose this, type (.net or any other). The results will show you if your website is working normally or not. If you find some of the contents missing, type it will show you the pages that are being told to ignore. If you find the missing contents here, correct issue and its done. Wait for the google to update changes.

Find and fix broken backlinks
Backlinks are links to your website from another website. They may increase the popularity of your website. To discover broken backlinks to your website, use some tools like Screaming Frog, Xenu, Open Site Explorer etc. and fix the cause of breakage. Plus, you should never use a spam or fake backlinks to increase popularity, google can now detect it.

Static content
You made a website with useful contents and neglect it for a long period then you’ll drop ranking. Always add fresh contents to your website.

Duplicate content
No matter how much useful or quality content you post, duplicating it will result in a ranking drop. However, sometimes you post duplicate content without even knowing by hosting multiple websites from a shared hosting account. To fix this problem you’ll have to put the proper redirect in place.

Google Penalties

A Google penalty can affect your search ranking negatively. There are two main causes of google penalties you may face.

  1. Updates in google algorithm.
  2. Violation of google webmaster guidelines.

Google penalties can cause a little to severe negative effect on google ranking. The algorithmic update can drop your ranking depending upon the quality of your website’s content. However, a manual penalty that is a violation of google guidelines can cause removal from the index. But the good news is you can recover your website.

How Do I Know If My Website Is Facing a Google Penalty?

In the case of a manual penalty, google will notify you with a list including all the causes of penalties only if you have signed up for google search console. However, if this is not the case or if you are affected by algorithmic penalty. Let’s see what you can do.

Check for the recent algorithmic updates from google. If the google has another big update. Find out which kind of update it is and what kind of changes you need to resolve the issue. For example, when panda update was introduced, the publishers had to replace their website’s content with fine quality content.

Check if your website appears in the index. Type your website in the search bar and see if any of its content appears in the search bar. If some of the pages appear, you may be facing a robots.txt error or a penalty. However, if none of the contents appear in the search, you are most likely to be penalized by google.

Check for the traffic, if one day your traffic seems normal and the other day you feel a sudden drop or no traffic at all. You probably had google penalty.

What should I Do To Remove The Google penalty?

If you are indeed suffering from google penalty, stay calm because you have a lot of work to do. In the case of an algorithmic update, you will have to find out what is the target of that update. For example, if the new update is from panda series you’ll have to replace the contents of your site with extra fine content, for pirate series you’ll have to find out whether you are violating the copyrights.

Whatever the update is about, you’ll have to update your content with new one as soon as possible before anyone else occupies your position. However, if you are suffering drop due to manual update, you’ll have to remove or update that content where you are violating the rules and then you’ll have to submit reconsideration request via your Google Search Console account expanding that you have cleaned up the issue and you won’t do it in future.

Google will take a little time to manually check your issue and then reply you with a message that no issue is found with your website and penalty is removed. If you received a message from google saying no issue detected and you still couldn’t get all the traffic you normally had then you might be hit by an algorithmic update, try updating your content and making your website more user-friendly and useful.

Impact of Hacked Website on Google Ranking

Apart from getting hacked, another worst thing that happens to a website is its ranking might drop if the hacker loads up your website with spammy, low quality and faulty content. Google will certainly penalize your website and you will drop your place in search engine result pages which take years of hard work. It may completely remove your website from the index if your website is loaded up with copyrights content. Don’t worry where there is a problem there always a solution next to it. Stay cool and start recovering the loss.

How To Fix The Hacked Website?

You can recover your website’s position and fix all the issues that a hacker created for you by following these steps.

  • First things first, change the login password for your website as soon as possible to prevent hacker for making any future issues. Use a strong password, avoid using a guessable password. I personally use very weird and lengthy password that even I can’t remember but I always write them on my diary in code words, try this tip. And NEVER USE DICTIONARY WORDS.
  • Inform your hosting provider about this hack but before that keep a copy of all the important data. It is possible that they lock down or wipe out all the data in your account for security.
  • Use a 503-status code and take your website temporary offline while you’re fixing it.
  • Use URL removal tool via Google Search Console to remove any links added by a hacker.
  • Reinstall your operating system once you are sure you removed all the traces by a hacker.
  • Restore your website from a recent backup but check the backup for any malware before.
  • Update any software you use that needs to be updated.
  • Request for a review to Google Search Console for any malware.
  • Restore any useful URLs if you removed any.
  • The final step, remove 503-status code and relaunch your website.

Tips To Prevent Future Hacking

  • Always keep the software up-to-date.
  • Change your passwords on regular basis.
  • Protect any sensitive information saved on your website, consider adding SSL protocol.
  • Change your hosting plan to managed hosting server that offers to monitor as well. If in case
    your website is hacked, they’ll know the very next moment and will take immediate action to prevent any loss.

How To Recover Google Rankings After Getting Hacked?

There’s no one-click process to recover everything you had, you’ll have to do every step all over again. But remember you once took your website on the top of the search result you can always do it again in a better way. If you are still unsure how you did it in the past let me help you.

  • Add new content to your website, update on regular basis. This is the best way to communicate with your followers and let them know you are back.
  • Use social media to spread the news that you are back. Satisfy your followers/customers that their private information is safe and better than before. Answer to their questions. Engage them to share their contents, this is the quickest way to get the top place in the search result.

Tried Everything But Nothing Worked?

Well, if you have tried everything you think of and still you are unable to figure out the problem then it’s time that you hire an SEO professional. Your professional will tell you what is preventing your website from high ranking and what kind of technical issue it has. He/she will also give you tips for fixing those problems.

Ask questions if you are unsure about something. If you feel the person you hired is unable to solve your problem, find some trusted professional for help. They key to get top ranking is knowing how to make things better.