Domain Name

Before we start with anything, it is necessary to get familiar with the know-how of the basics. This section is all about basics of domains and if you are new to website arena, it is necessary that you read this section as it will help you understand other sections.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the identity of the website. It is in the form of a string that is understandable to us and is easy to remember. Similar to what National ID card is. Every person has a unique one. So if a person tries to search a website by its domain name, he will only proceed to that specific one only.

The Domain Name System

There are 3 types of domains. Top Level Domains (TLDs), subdomains and secondary domain names.
TLDs (.org, .com, .net). These TLDs are the special one and can be owned by only one company or an organization which grants the ability to develop more subdomains.

Subdomains(, These are the ones that are available after TLDs and are relative to country-codes. Secondary domains(, These are mostly related to blogs such as Tumblr or WordPress. Most of the websites have blog section or store sections where they can purchase add-ons or premiums.

Those pages’ domain name mostly contains “. blog” or “. store”. Although these are not the secondary domain. Many other which are custom made or very specific in nature (. ninja, .tv) also account as secondary domains.

What is an URL

Uniform Resource Locator. It is the most humanly readable string. This is the name of your website that is available on the World Wide Web. This is the first thing the internet identifies your website from all the others.

Domain Names and URLs

Every URL needs to include the domain name as it is the part of it but Domain names are not URLs. Many people confuse domains with URLS while they do have a connection, they are not the same thing.

What are DNS Records?

Domain Name System (DNS), consider it as a translator which translates the human-readable domain name into an IP Address.

Name Servers

  • Root name servers: It tells us where the information of each TLD can be found
  • TLD name servers: It tells us where to find the details of each secondary domain within a TLD
  • Domain name servers: It tells us where to send the final information

Who Controls DNS records?

The Domain owner controls the DNS records. The owner has the Authoritative powers of the DNS records and all of the content that is associated with the DNS.

Purposes of DNS records (What do I do with DNS records?)

There are many cases for which you might need to edit your DNS records e.g. when your domain registration and hosting service are not the same or when you are using third party mail app, etc.

What Is a Perfect Domain Name?

A perfect domain name should be short, easy to remember, brand specific and keyword optimized as well.


It is necessary that your domain name is keyword optimized. Your domain name should be relevant to what you are selling and what you think the user would be looking for. If you are trying to expand your customer pool in your city, and you are thinking of using your website as a mean for it, then it is better to include your city’s name in it and then relates it to your brand or your service.

Hyphens in Domain Names

Hyphens are necessary if you are adding a lot of characters and if you want to optimize your google search results. The “-” act as a space between words when a person writes something in google. However, there are some drawbacks to it. The hyphens make it look like a spam website and your users may forget the hyphens.

.com or .org?

As we all know, .com and .org are very common and the most popular TLDs, so it is preferable to use them, although they are mostly expensive.

Location Based Domain Names

As said before, if you are a retail provider or an e-commerce service, it is better you to go with a domain name that is associated with your area.

Already Taken Domains

It happens most of the time when you come up with a great idea for your business and you even have a great name for it, but when you try to find a suitable domain name for the website, you cannot find any suitable one. Keep trying and search on google, you will definitely come up with a perfect domain name

Domain Aftermarket

There are many people who buy domains at lower prices with the intention to sell it later at a higher price. So better check the domain name that you are particularly looking for and see if it is active, if it is not, it is most likely that the owner will put it on for sale in foreseeable future.

Where to Buy Existing Domain Names

There are many domain searching websites available from where you can search the specific domain you are looking for and they will show you if they are available to be sold by the owner of the domain.

Reason To Buy Existing Domain Names

  • Age of the website matters but is relatively insignificant.
  • All most optimum worded domains are already sold out.
  • Existing backlinks make up for a good google search.

What is WHOIS

WHOIS can be considered a domain registration information directory which includes all the personal information, such as contact number, email address, Street address and etc.

How Does It Work?

For each operating system, there are sets of different software that help you in searching the WHOIS directory. In Linux or Mac, it is right in the command line, On Microsoft, you can find many software to help you with this.

Who Uses It?

To search if the entered domain is owned by anyone or not and if it is owned then by whom.
Journalism, it is used to know who owns the content of the website as well.

Domain Name Privacy

Many domain name registrars provide the option of privacy that helps you in hiding all the important and personal information, by simply entering their own information on the place of yours.

Domain Parking

It is simply a domain that is purchased with the intention of profit. It is a “parked” domain which will garner clicks and views and increase its value and then it will be sold to the highest bidder.


Having some content on the page is much better than having none. As empty domains will not be ranked by Google. So content can help in ranking.
Ad Clicks are also a viable option to increase ranking.

When Does It Work?

A misspelled of a known domain. Many who do this also face lawsuits and infringement. It is recommended not to do it. A domain name that is widely searched. Many people search for food, if you put your domain name as “”, the chances are that you will a lot get a lot of clicks and will likely have higher search engine ranking. Already existing domain. Purchasing an already existing domain and then putting it on domain parking.


In the past, it was a very effective strategy to do domain parking. By adding content with highly enriched keywords, it was possible to earn money through it. However, search engines are now getting more technical, complex and smart and they usually detect a parked domain and ignore to increase the user experience.

Domain Speculation

It is a practice in which you purchase domain names and you keep them and resell them later for a higher profit. However, selecting the wrong name could mean that you waste a lot of money as well. Speculation is risky in nature.

Why Would Someone Buy It?

Many early domain name speculators purchased some single word, domain names and realized that many people wanted to get their hands on them so they purchased in bulk to make a living out of it.

New Domain For Speculation

Anyone can purchase a domain, however, not everyone is lucky enough to get a demanded domain. Buying in bulk is not advised as you can end up losing a lot. Start with a few domain names, create a strategy and a pattern. Notice what people are looking for the most and purchase accordingly.

Developing a Domain

All that matters is the rank of the domain on Google searches. A few years ago, it would have been possible to simply depend on the domain name but now, it has changed and writing some good content and backlinks can also result in higher Google ranking.

Setting a Good Price of Domain

Putting a value of your domain is not an easy task. As it depends on demand is there for your domain name in the first place. Let’s say you put it too high and it is not that much valued, you will end up losing valued buyers, but if you put it too less, you will lose money.

Domain Name Defense

It is as simple as an addition. Your domain name represents your business, your brand, and your website. You do not want any hostility around it. You would also prefer not to lose any significant amount of traffic because of any mishap.

Misspellings and Alternate Spellings

As we discussed there are many websites that use a typo or something very similar but with a different word in it that may get pressed by accident when entering the URL of the famous website, a similar thing can happen to your website as well.

It is advised that when you are purchasing a domain name, you also purchase other similar named domain names as well. Which might include purchasing different TLDs or domain name with hyphens.

Trademarks and Infringements

When your website is up and running, you might have to be aware of any sort of Trademarks and Domain name infringement. As there are many people who would misuse your websites fame and use it for their own profit. Many such people will register a domain with a typo in it or with a spoofed spelling where the user accidentally press the wrong button and replace one with the other.

Keeping Your Domain Name Secure

Two-factor authentication: This method is much more advanced as it not only let the user login only after giving the login of the website, but it also requires a text authentication or phone authentication.

Domain Name Registration and Registrar

It is very simple. Just contact a decent domain name registrar who is known for its authentication.


A lot of the pricing depends on the kind of domain name you are choosing. Most authorities charge low for GTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains) even as low as $5/year. However, any fancy or specific TLD can cost much more.

TLDs You Should Have

It is not necessary that one single registrar will have all the TLDs that you are looking for. Many registrars do not keep specific domains which might include (.lawyer, .church). Even some specific country code based TLDs are only available by a single registrar only.

Payment Types

Many registrars use PayPal accounts for the selling and purchasing of domains. Many also accept Bitcoin currency to carry out the transaction. However, it is advised not to use every other registrar services and check out the registrar’s authentication before you purchase the domain.