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Lorem Ipsum Introduction and Resources

Placeholder, Dummer Text, Filler Text for WordPress: Have you ever read the text Lorem Ipsum somewhere and wondered what does this text means and why is it used? If yes, then this guide is for you. We have introduced Lorem Ipsum in this article and we have also gathered some useful resources from where you can learn more about Lorem Ipsum.

Lorem Ipsum is a type of placeholder text that is used in the place of actual text. It is primarily used in typesetting and print industry. The basic purpose of Lorem Ipsum is to avoid distractions while you are working on a project having page layouts. Lorem Ipsum helps you to avoid distraction because you have some sort of text on your page while you work on a page layout.

Initially, Lorem Ipsum was used in the graphic design industry but now, it is also used in the web industry. Usually, web designers and web developers use it while creating a website. They use it instead of actual content.

Brief History of Lorem Ipsum

Initially, printers used to claim that Lorem Ipsum is nothing more than just a plain text. But, when the researchers conducted research on it, they found that it actually has a history. It originated from a piece of Latin literature that was written by Cicero. An unknown printer took a few paragraphs from that piece and scrambled them in such a way that it looked like a specimen book.

This scrambled piece of writing that contained Lorem Ipsum passages survived for almost 5 centuries. Then, it became popular in the 1960s when Letraset sheets were released. These sheets had the passages of Lorem Ipsum. These passages became so popular that even in today’s world, many big companies are still using it. These big companies include Apple, MS Word, and Photoshop.

Lorem Ipsum Generators

You can easily find a lorem ipsum generator online. There are different kinds of lorem ipsum generators available. Some are very basic generators and on the other hand, there are some lorem ipsum generators that can even handle the complexities and allow you to specify paragraphs and words.

You can also format the text as per your choice. There are also some lorem ipsum generators that are fun to use. These generators mix some fun English words such as cupcakes with the lorem ipsum text.
Following are some of the best lorem ipsum generators that you can use to generate the text for your documents.

  • Blind Text Generator: This lorem ipsum generator allows you to choose between different versions of your text along with different styles and formatting.
  • Loripsum.net: This lorem ipsum generator allows you to spice up your text with different methods, you can include different code samples, lists, and numbers to your copy with the help of this lorem ipsum generator.
  • Cupcake Ipsum: This lorem ipsum generator uses sweet words to create your text. It is very popular lorem ipsum generator.
  • Bacon Ipsum: This lorem ipsum generator adds the word bacon in its text. It is a modified version of DummyText.
  • DummyText: DummyText is a free lorem ipsum generator that can be linked to our document. It is a JavaScript program that allows you full control on the text of your web page. With the help of DummyText, you can also format and randomize the content of your website.
  • Lorem Ipsum: It is the standard lorem ipsum generator that allows you to modify and choose a number of words, lists, paragraphs and bite size of your content. This generator provides greater flexibility.
  • Professional Lorem Ipsum Generator for Typographers: This is also a useful and flexible lorem ipsum generator that you can use to generate lorem ipsum text for your web pages. This lorem ipsum generator even allows you to generate text in different languages and it also has the option to download your text as HTML form or in plain text.
  • Picksum Ipsum: This is also a fun lorem ipsum generator that allows you to create content having some of the best lines from famous Hollywood actors.
  • Fillerati: This lorem ipsum generator allows you to create lorem ipsum text by adding classical literature from famous authors in it. People who like literature, love to use this lorem ipsum generator for creating placeholder text.
  • Hairy Ipsum: Hairy Ipsum is a lorem ipsum generator that helps you create a manlier type of lorem ipsum text.
  • Pirate Ipsum: With the help of this lorem ipsum generator, there is no need to wait for Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  • Riker Ipsum: This lorem ipsum generator is specifically designed for Star Trek fans. The interesting thing about this lorem ipsum generator is that it uses famous lines from The Next Generation in its text.
  • Samuel L Ipsum: It allows you to add Samuel L Jackson’s quotes in the text.
  • Cat Ipsum: This lorem ipsum generator is specifically designed for cat lovers.
  • Filerama: This lorem ipsum generator allows you to create text based on many popular TV shows.
  • Coffee Ipsum: This is a useful lorem ipsum generator that allows you to format the content as per your choice.
  • Office Ipsum: This lorem ipsum generator allows you to choose from different types of lorem ipsum text available related to an office.
  • Corporate Ipsum: This lorem ipsum generator uses words of a corporate environment while generating a lorem ipsum text.
  • Not Lorem Ipsum: This website allows you create different types of dummy text for your website. They have a variety of text related to many industries.
    Meet the Ipsums: This is a collection of different types of lorem ipsum generators.
  • Resources

Following are some resources that might be useful if you want to learn about the history of lorem ipsum. We have also gathered resources having some useful plugins and extensions for your website.

  • Dummy Lipsum
  • Node Lipsum
  • Pypsum
  • The History of Lorem Ipsum
  • Lorem Ipsum for Google Chrome
  • lipsum.com
  • Rails Lipsum

How to Make Filler Text Fun

Lorem ipsum is being used in the design industry since ages. But, you can also make it fun and creative. The above-mentioned tools will help you to create a lorem ipsum text as per your choice. You can make this a very fun process by using the above-mentioned tools. Learn more about WordPress hosting and WordPress tricks by reading our other articles.