Best WordPress Hosting 2017

Best WordPress Hosting Reviews

#1 – Bluehost

best wordpress hosting 2017
Best WordPress Hosting: Bluehost

Are you looking for the best WordPress hosting in 2017? Look into Bluehost! Check the website for updated pricing, but as of right now, here’s the pricing below:

  1. -The $3.95 pricing is based on a 36 month prepaid account plan.
  2. -The $4.95 pricing is based on a 24 month prepaid account plan.
  3. -The $5.95 pricing is based on a 12 month prepaid account plan.

Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hosting providers in 2017. They will give you a domain name for FREE, and there’s no setup fee. Bluehost is perfect if you’re looking for inexpensive web hosting in 2015 and/or one of the best web hosting companies, then Bluehost is it! Bluehost is actually the #1 recommend web host per

The Good:

  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Unlimited GB Hosting Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Site Builder w/Templates

The Bad:

  • No VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) – Now Available!
  • No Dedicated Server – Now Available!

Bluehost is user friendly, and it only takes about 10 minutes to have your website live for everybody to see. If you’d like to visually see step-by-step how easy it is to set up a website using Bluehost, then check out this video here: xxxxx link to vimeo video xxxxx

#2 – InMotion

best web hosting
Best WordPress Hosting: InMotion

($5.95 – $13.95/month)

InMotion web hosting is optimized for WordPress websites and blogs. InMotion also has an exclusive feature called “Speed Zone.” If you’re within their “Max Speed Zones”, your website can run up to 6x faster.

“Speed Zone” allows you to choose your data center location. With data centers located in Los Angeles, CA and Washington D.C., your information can be located closer to you which will improve your websites performance.

The Good:

  • Unlimited Disk Storage
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Free Domain Name (1st Year)
  • Data Backup
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • VPS hosting available (check their website for pricing)
  • Dedicated hosting available (check their website for pricing options)
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Bad:

  • InMotion has three hosting packages to choose from instead of just one: Launch, Power, and PRO. Too many options might confuse some people. If you want the best value for your money, go with the “Power Package.”
  • InMotion cost $1 more per month compared to Bluehost. That’s not a deal breaker though because InMotion offers “Speed Zone” technology which is an exclusive feature.

When you compare apples to apples, InMotion is equal to Bluehost. But if you live within the “Max Speed Zones”, then InMotion is better hands down!

InMotion is the #2 recommended best WordPress hosting company in 2017. If you’d like to see a detailed list of all their features, then visit there website.

#3 – GoDaddy

best web hosting
Best WordPress Hosting: GoDaddy

($4.24 – $8.49/month)

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of review websites don’t recommend GoDaddy for web hosting. That’s mainly because Go Daddy doesn’t offer much for referral fees, so most people don’t want to waste their time recommending them. What a huge mistake! Go Daddy is amazing and is one of the best WordPress hosting providers in 2017.

They have 3 main web hosting plans: Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate. If you decide to go with GoDaddy, you should at-least choose the “Deluxe” package. The Deluxe package will give you: Unlimited Space, Unlimited Websites, 500 Email Accounts, and 25 MySQL Databases for only $5.94/month.

The Good:

  • Fast, expert setup with exclusive Hosting Concierge
  • FREE email addresses
  • Exclusive savings at Template Monster
  • Google® Webmaster Tools
  • Website statistics
  • 24/7 phone and email support
  • World-class data centers
  • State-of-the-art security
  • Daily backup
  • Best-of-breed routers, firewalls and servers
  • FTP access
  • VPS Hosting Available (Check website for pricing)
  • Dedicated Servers Available (check website for pricing)

The Bad:

Some people complain that GoDaddy doesn’t offer C-Panel (Control Panel) for shared hosting accounts. C-Panel is only available for VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers. (Update: C-Panel is now avavible for shared hosting accounts.)

Instead of C-Panel, Godaddy has something called “HCC” which stands for “Hosting Control Center.” I personally don’t see what the big deal is. The “Hosting Control Center” has the same features as C-Panel; just the layout is different.

They are a lot of super cheap web hosting companies, but you get what you pay for. The top 3 list in this article represents the best value for your money.

In all honesty, most web host companies charge about the same. On average, a 12 month hosting package will cost you about $90 – $110/year across the board.

It’s not only important to find a cheap web hosting service; but also to find a web host that’s reliable, has a user friendly platform, and great customer support.

I’ve used a lot of different WordPress hosting companies, and I believe Bluehost, InMotion, and GoDaddy are the best WordPress hosting companies in 2017 by a long shot. Visit the websites listed in this article for more information.

Best WordPress Hosting – Bluehost

best wordpress hosting providers
Bluehost Review

BlueHost hosting provider is one of the best wordpress hosting companies. They are very well known in the web hosting industry for many different regular and niche hosting plans. These include shared hosting, VPS – Virtual Private Server hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting and reseller hosting to name a few.

Important features of the BlueHost plans that make this provider stand above its competitors include: excellent 24×7 support, SSH secure shell access,

SimpleScripts one-click installation, great resource management and super-fast servers. BlueHost is owned by Endurance International Group and is one of the biggest web hosting companies. HostMonster, FastDomain and Ipage are BlueHost’s sister companies. They currently host more than 1.5 million domains together. BlueHost was among the companies studied for the analysis of web hosting providers in online learning courses.

WordPress Shared Hosting Plans

BlueHost offers a range of shared hosting plans starting from the most inexpensive basic plan at $2.95 per month. 50GB of website space and 5 email accounts and 100 MB email storage are offered with the plan. This plan can be upgraded to a best value plan at $5.45 per month. Advantages of this upgrade include unlimited websites, unmetered bandwidth and website space, unlimited parked domains, and over $200 in marketing credits which makes Bluehost one of the best WordPress hosting compaines. Extra features of this plan include SpamExperts and SiteBackup Pro.

  • Domains – The domain manager offered by this host enables the clients to perform all the admin tasks like updating, transferring, purchasing and tracking of all the domains in one place.
  • Scalability – With this hosting provider, upgrading to VPS or dedicated hosting plans as your business grows is very easy.
  • Email – The unlimited email accounts offered come with advanced features like account filters, secure POP3 and IMAP support, spam protection and unique user account controls.
  • Enhanced cPanel – The interface that comes with all the plans has been built on cPanel and provides tools for simplified website, domain, email and file management.
  • Backups – BlueHost clients get the benefit of daily, weekly and monthly backups of their accounts. The optional PRO backup service enables them to restore files and databases when required.

WordPRess HOsting: Virtual Private Server (VPS) Plans

BlueHost’s VPS hosting plans are built on cloud technology. They enable the clients to take benefit of increased power, control and flexibility. The standard VPS option starts at $19.99 per month. This plan provides the user with 30GB SAN storage, 2GB RAM, 1TB bandwidth and one domain and IP address included. Excellent tech support is available 24×7. Upgrades to this plan are available at $29.99, $44.99 and $59.99 per month.

Basic features of BlueHost’s VPS plans:

  • Powerful performance – The VPS plan uses open source technology like OpenStack and KVM. This makes the VPS very powerful and easy to use at the same time. They operate using high speed servers.
  • Dynamic resources – Additional storage and server expansions are done dynamically as and when required. CPU and RAM expansions are also going to be introduced soon. All the resource expansions are done smoothly without any admin assistance and are available at competitive prices.
  • Instant provisioning – Unlike many other VPS plans that require long wait times for activation, BlueHost’s VPS solutions provision very quickly.
  • Guaranteed resource availability – The resources provided by the host’s VPS plan are available at all times which enables the websites to perform at optimum levels.

WordPress Dedicated Hosting Plans

BlueHost’s dedicated hosting plans are known for their provision of high quality website performance, security and control. The standard hosting package starts at $79.99 per month and provides 1TB storage, 4GB RAM, three IP addresses and 24×7 tech support along with many other powerful features. Upgrades can be made at $99.99 and $119.99 per month.

The dedicated hosting plans come with the following benefits:

Extreme speed – The top quality engineering technology used enables this host to provide high performance. Also, due to the use of open source technology like
OpenStack, they have the flexibility to improve performance from time to time.

  • Storage upgrades – Bluehost’s clients have the ability to increase their storage whenever needed. This can be done easily using the cPanel interface without the hassles of admin support.
  • Root access – This is a useful feature available to advanced users. Complete access to CentOS is available on their control panel allowing the users full control of the server.
  • RAID storage – Unlike other dedicated hosting plans, BlueHost provides RAID level 1 storage on its plans. Due to this the all of the clients’ drives are mirrored and security is ensured.
  • Dedicated support – The tech support team at BlueHost works hand in hand with the engineers that maintain the servers. This results in quick and effective troubleshooting of clients’ issues.

WordPress Hosting Plan

The WordPress hosting plan is built on VPS technology and provides all that the dedicated WordPress users need to make their websites secure, easy to use and fast. The standard plan starts at an affordable $19.99 per month and provides the users with 30GB storage, 30GB backup, 2GB RAM with one domain and IP address included. The enhanced cPanel, SiteLock CDN and SiteLock Pro security are useful pluses. Upgrades are available to the this plan up to $49.99 per month for the wp ultimate plan.

Important features of the WordPress hosting plan:

  • Extreme speed – The VPS power, advanced NGINX architecture and custom PHP-FPM configuration enable the users to benefit from a fast and high performing service.
  • Simplicity – This web hosting provider has put in significant efforts to make sure that it is simple and quick to operate WordPress for all the users. The MOJO marketplace for plugins, scripts and other enhancements has added to this feature. Also, they have made the management of WordPress very easy with their customized control panel.
  • High security – BlueHost has ensured complete security for its WordPress users with
    the help of SiteLock features that include SiteLock security, advanced CDN and SiteLock WAF.

Reseller WordPress Hosting Plan

BlueHost uses the ResellerClub for reseller hosting plans. The reseller plans start at $2.95 per month with this provider. The important details included in ResellerClub Linux plans include:

  • Easy setup – The ResellerClub makes it easy for clients to start their own reseller web hosting business. The Linux reseller plans are highly customizable with unlimited storage space, sufficient bandwidth and email solutions.
  • Efficient billing solutions – The ResellerClub provides an excellent billing panel with the reseller hosting account for simple billing and sales related operations. The panel also takes care of automated invoicing, ticket support, tracking and many other client management functions.
  • Premium tech support – the tech support provided by ResellerClub is highly efficient in resolving customers’ tech issues and maintenance of servers is always kept up-to-date.
  • Amazing redundancy – ResellerClub uses CloudLinux that takes care of resource spikes and other issues related to website traffic and scripts.
  • Robust infrastructure management – Several web hosting issues like disk usage, network bottlenecks, memory and many others are taken care of by ResellerClub’s robust infrastructure. The infrastructure is backed by DELL Rack Servers w/ Dual Quad Core Xeon processors.
  • Excellent domain management – The WHM interface enables the client to easily create, manage and administer web hosting accounts and plans to the reseller customers’ needs.
  • Huge product selection – More than 800 products are offered by the ResellerClub that can be customized and resold to the reseller hosting customers.

WordPress Cloud Hosting

BlueHost provides cloud hosting services starting at $6.95 per month. Websites hosted on the cloud are safer due to the data being mirrored across several devices. They are also faster due to the caching done using premium hardware and low-density servers. The host provides all this with dashboards that enable the customers easy access to usage trends, page download speeds, uptime and much more.

WordPress Programs Offered by BlueHost

  • WordPress – BlueHost is currently offering a special package for WordPress users starting at $2.95 per month. This package comes with a free domain, free SSL certificate, easy one-click WordPress Installs and 24×7 support. BlueHost is a reputed provider for WordPress users and this package has also been recommended by Their high quality technology provides WordPress users with great performance, reliability and functionality.
  • 24×7 WordPress support – WordPress experts are available to provide support 24×7. They can be easily reached via phone, email and chat.
  • Easy WordPress installation – WordPress software can be setup with just one click. This makes it easy for clients to start their blog or website immediately.
  • Scalability – BlueHost has made it easy for customers to grow their business websites or blogs by moving to other more powerful plans after starting small.
  • Money-back guarantee – This hosting provider allows their potential customers to try the services for some time without long-term commitment. There are no penalties or fees for quitting the hosting plans.

Bluehost Affiliates

BlueHost offers an affiliates program enabling its customers to earn money for bringing the host new customers. The affiliates can promote BlueHost on their website and earn $65 per successful referral. Details of this program include:

  • Free membership – Becoming a member of the affiliates program is free of charge and takes a few minutes.
  • Unlimited earrings – The affiliates can earn any number of commissions.
  • Support team – There are experts for this program available to provide members with support and advice.
  • High performance marketing – The advertisements provided by BlueHost are carefully designed to attract more traffic and potential customers. The members of the affiliates program get to choose the advertisements and banners that will be displayed on their websites.
  • Reliable tracking – BlueHost’s efficient tracking system provides reliable tracking of clients’ click-through ratios, conversion rates and commission payments.
  • Campaigns – The members can create their own customized marketing campaigns. Appending the tracking link with a campaign name allows the host to measure and improve efforts on web pages, social media etc.

Bluehost Education

BlueHost offers a special program for customers involved in education. It applies to both students and faculty. These accounts are available at an affordable rate of $4.95 per month. This plan enables students to get a head start in their respective fields of study. It makes it super easy for them to maintain a portfolio website or blog. They might also need the hosting account for student project work that will help them showcase their talents and experience to future employers. Attractive features of these plans include:

  • Free domain name – The education program hosting plan offers a free domain name to its customers.
  • Effective portfolio building tools – BlueHost offers tools like WordPress and concrete5 to its student customers for creating an effective ePortfolio. WordPress is currently the most popular website builder with a large number of templates and plugins. Concrete5 is a simple drag-and-drop editor that enables non-technical people to create and edit websites quickly.
  • Help getting started – Lots of guides and demo videos are available to tutor beginners on getting started with their first website.
  • Custom email accounts – The program enables customers to create professional sounding email addresses that look better on their resumes.
  • Account kept active forever – the customers’ accounts can be kept active even after they graduate. They can continue to make improvements to their student websites and even add content or make it larger in scale.

BlueHost for education is one of the most reputed web hosting providers in this sector. The provider’s reliable, friendly and prompt service attracts thousands of new customers every month. Students and faculty can both trust BlueHost for taking good care of their requirements.

Business on Tapp

Business on Tapp is offered for free by BlueHost for all its hosting customers. This allows the customers access to thoughts and ideas of millions of successful small business owners. The game-changing tactics, leadership tips and advice along with how-to documents greatly help new and established small business owners in their fields.

WordPress Support Resources

BlueHost is reputed in the field of web hosting for its premier tech support. Useful support resources are available in the form of guides, how-to documents, instructions and FAQs with easy to understand solutions.

Whenever a customer has an issue or a general query the chances are extremely high that information about it will be available in one of the support resources. Technical, sales and account management related support is also available via phone, email and chat. Customers can expect quick replies to queries from the experts available 24×7.

Bluehost Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bluehost?
Bluehost the is a world leading web solution services provider, which provides internet solutions to millions of internet users, website operators, multinational organizations and also provides many other online support services. It has been the leading service provider and has more than 50,000 employees.

What is its history?
Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth started Bluehost. They had only one goal in their mind when they started the organization and it was to create a better hosting company and provide competitive prices for web solutions.

  • The company was founded in December 2003 and then it started to rise to its glory.
  • By 2007, it had more than 500,000 registered domains.
  • By 2008, the number doubled and went up to 1 million registered domains.
  • Endurance International Group then acquired Bluehost by 2010.
  • By April 2013, Bluehost started to add new significant features in its services, such as VPS and Dedicated hosting solutions.
  • WordPress then got associated with Bluehost by May 2014 for optimized hosting on WordPress.
  • On 2015, Bluehost introduced Cloud sites as one of its web solutions.

What kind of services do they provide?
Although Bluehost is widely known for providing the web hosting services, it also provides customer support services and conducts different programs such as education program and affiliation program, which are also somewhat related to hosting but are regarded as separate online services. Their hosting services includes:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Domains

What kind of support services do they provide?

  • Chat Services: Bluehost provides chat services. Nowadays, organizations are trying to stay in touch with their clients and their website visitors as much as possible. Since the traffic increases and complaint emails can pile up easily, it is not an easy task to carry out all of those within a minor period. Many organizations introduce chat feature on their websites for a faster level of communication with users.
  • Ticket Services: Bluehost also provide support service through ticketing feature which let them address their customers’ concerns and emails much better. This service let the users interact with the support services more easily and in more organized way.

What is WordPress Hosting?
WordPress Hosting only works on and not on The reason for this is that gives you full control of not only your domain but also of your web hosting features as well. Meaning you can add plugins, change a style of your website, use source option to edit in which is not the case with However, costs nothing, but using is not free. A Bluehost WordPress hosting package varies from $19.99 to $49.99 which contains factors such as visits/month, storage, backup, RAM and much more.

What is Cloud Hosting?
Cloud hosting in simple words, is using a third party server partition for your website hosting. When it comes to hosting, you require your website to stay active all the time and it is not viable for everyone to keep a separate server system for their website. Bluehost’s cloud hosting service eliminates this problem as they have dedicated website hosting servers and they let you use their server partition to control your website without the hustle of setting up a server machine for your website.

What is Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting and what is the difference?

  • Shared Hosting: Shared Hosting means having more than one website on a single server machine.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated Hosting means that the server will be only for the specific website and no one else will be allowed to host any other website.

What are the advantages of Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting on Bluehost?
Shared Hosting:

  • It is the most economical option for any website owner if the website has less than 5,000 visitors monthly.
  • It is cheaper than any other option
  • Simple to use, low maintenance cost
  • No need to be a Linux operator
  • Can easily integrate specified programs and software

Dedicated Hosting:

  • They are dedicated to a single website, so they are substantially faster than shared websites
  • They can hold extensive amount of data
  • Since no one else is sharing the bandwidth speed, it can maintain more traffic.
  • Complete administrative rights
  • Can use custom programs and software

What are disadvantages of Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting on Bluehost?
Shared Hosting:

  • It has very limited and controlled administration options
  • Not much optimization can be done
  • If one website attracts a lot of traffic, other websites’ performance gets hampered.

Dedicated hosting:

  • Expensive to purchase
  • Expensive to maintain
  • Requires Linux operating system know-how to use it more effectively

What is Bluehost’s VPS Hosting and how is it different than shared hosting and dedicated hosting?
VPS hosting is more organized and effective than Shared Hosting, but still not as impressive as Dedicated Hosting. It lets every server has specified and equally distributed space and specs. As compared to Shared Hosting, where there is no partition for each website but unlike Dedicated Hosting, it also does not have much administration options and controls.

What is Affiliate Program at Bluehost?
Bluehost appreciates other websites, which help in promoting their website and in return, they also
award those websites which help them in diverting their website’s traffic toward the Bluehost. Currently, for every referral that is created by the link which is given to you, gives you a $65 reward.

This helps Bluehost advertise their services more effectively and they also generate the better relationship with their clients as well. Bluehost has developed its own website ad integration software so that it works better with their servers and in return, works better with all the websites.

What is their Education Program at Bluehost?
This package is specifically for the students as it offers them to generate different sets of portfolios and projects that they are looking forward to testing or to present when in an interview. This package includes:

  • Free domain name
  • Portfolio building tools
  • Custom email accounts
  • Tech support of Bluehost

The price of the service is also very competitive which is $4.95 per month.

Resources For Bluehost

Best WordPress Hosting – InMotion

best WordPress hosting providers
Best WordPress Hosting – InMotion

InMotion Hosting has been rated as one of the best WordPress hosting providers with the most reliable and secure service. It was established 2001, and hence has quite a few years of good experience under its belt. InMotion’s team of experts strives to provide its customers with a smooth and reliable experience using the latest technology.

InMotion is a business oriented company and offers its customers a choice of data centers, free backups and high quality 24×7 tech support. Different hosting platforms including shared, VPS and dedicated hosting are offered to enable the customers to grow their businesses easily. On the whole InMotion hosting is considered a great choice for businesses.

WordPress Hosting

Shared business hosting – InMotion’s shared business hosting services are available starting at $5.99 per month. This basic starter plan is ideal for all skill levels. Small business owners would prefer to upgrade to the next plan available at $7.99 per month. This is considered their ‘top seller’ plan. Bigger businesses and developers find value in the PRO shared hosting plan available for $13.99 per month.

Shared hosting provided by this host is great for custom web applications, content management systems and even static websites. Another reason InMotion makes our list as one of the best wordpress hosting providers is because of their easy-to-use website builder tool which enables the customers to build effective websites even without technical expertise

Easy installation of WordPress, Joomla! and PrestaShop is available. Developers can work faster with SSH, scripting languages like PHP, Ruby, Perl and Python and databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL. Last but not the least, a free domain name which is generally worth $14.99 is included with the plans for free.

Important features that makes InMotion hosting better than its competition are:

  • Free SSD drives included with all hosting plans.
  • Secure IMAP email.
  • Ability to choose your own data center.
  • Free backups.
  • SSH access that helps customers work faster.
  • Free one-click installation of many different applications.

VPS hosting – InMotion hosting provides managed SSD VPS hosting powered by the cloud. Their latest Linux SSD VPS hosting servers have a large number of attractive features for hosting customers. The cheapest VPS package called the VPS-1000HA-S is available at an affordable price of $29.99 per month. It provides its customers with 4GB RAM, 75GB storage, 4TB bandwidth and 3 IP addresses.

Its upgrade package of VPS-2000HA-S is available at $49.99 per month and is considered the best value VPS package for growing businesses. It comes with 6GB RAM, 150GB storage, 5TB bandwidth and 4 IP addresses. The most powerful and high performance plan is available for $74.99 per month.

Important features of InMotion’s hosting plans:

Real time redundancy – InMotion creates redundant hardware clusters that copy their servers’ data and processes in real-time. As a result, if at all there arises an error on a server, there will always be another server in the cluster available as a backup. Virtuozzo – a virtualization solution is utilized by this provider for this process.

Solid state drives – all of their servers utilize solid state devices or SSDs. These provide increased performance when compared to hard disk drives or HDDs. Hence, the servers have faster read/write speeds and faster delivery of the content to the end users.

Website migrations – InMotion assists potential customers to transfer to InMotion hosting from another provider. It offers free website transfers for up to 30 cPanel accounts up to 5GB.

Other important features of InMotion Hosting that makes them one of the best WordPress hosting companies:

  • Full cPanel license
  • Live-state snapshots
  • DDOS attack protection
  • CentOS with LAMP stack
  • Launch assist
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Resource monitoring dashboard
  • SSH and Root access
  • Max speed zones

Dedicated Server WordPRess Hosting

InMotion’s dedicated server hosting plans offer better performance, storage and free SSDs for all their customers. The Linux servers used for these plans are customizable to the customers’ requirements. All the servers are state-of-the-art with both single and dual processor options available.

The custom dedicated servers come installed with the LAMP stack. The hosting provider has a dedicated server management team that is regularly monitoring all the servers and is always ready for custom configurations. Both cPanel and WHM is included with all dedicated server hosting plans.

Dedicated server hosting plans are available starting at $99.99 per month to $229.99 per month. The commercial class dedicated servers are available from $369.99 per month to $539.99 per month.

Important features of InMotion’s dedicated server hosting plans are as follows:

  • Zero downtime kernel updates
  • 99.99% net uptime using Smart Routing Technology
  • Managed hosting solutions
  • 1-to-1 Sysadmin time of up to $300 included
  • cPanel and WHM included
  • CentOS experts
  • Redundant Bandwidth providers
  • Multi-Layer defense to reduce downtime

InMotion also takes special care of its global customers. Certain points that make InMotion Hosting a premier global hosting provider are:

  • Help is available 24x7x365 via phone, Skype, chat or email. The provider makes sure that customers from all over the world receive the same level of dedicated service from its expert hosting staff.
  • InMotion Hosting is located on the Los Angeles and Washington D.C. Internet Exchange Point(IXP). As a result, the websites’ response times are a lot faster than the competition.
  • InMotion Hosting provides the best value for their price.
  • The host offers multiple ways of payments for its global customers.

Enterprise Dedicated WordPress Hosting Solutions

Enterprise Dedicated hosting solutions offered by InMotion Hosting are ideal for the needs of bigger business enterprises. It guarantees 99.99% uptime, powerful RAID cards for increased database performance and free SSDs. The clients’ can hence focus on growing and improving their business without worrying about their hosting needs.

These plans are available starting at $369.99 per month to $539.99 per month. Following are some specs of the plans:

  • Expert Server setup
  • Managed hosting
  • Server upgrades

WordPress Reseller Hosting

The reseller hosting plans offered by InMotion Hosting make it possible for the customers to start their own hosting companies. These plans come with free SSDs, free WHMCS, free cPanel, free dedicated IP and much more. The plans start at $13.99 per month and go up to $27.49 per month.

Best WordPress Web Hosting

InMotion’s WordPress web hosting plans enable customers to host their own website on the host’s powerful servers. The websites can be built and maintained using excellent tech support provided by the WordPress experts available 24×7.

The friendly support team will also take care of the customers’ needs in relation to transferring a website or installation of a new WordPress site. These plans start from an affordable price of $5.99 per month and upgrades are available for $7.99 per month and $13.99 per month. The basic package is great for customers with smaller blogs while the higher packages are ideal for developers, bigger blogs and growing businesses.

Important features that make InMotion’s WordPress Hosting packages stand out are:

  • WordPress is preinstalled and ready to launch in minutes.
  • Free domain provided
  • Several plugins available
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Easy upgrades

BoldGrid is a website builder tool available with the WordPress hosting plans. BoldGrid is an easy, drag-and-drop tool that can be pre-installed. There are hundreds of free themes available with the tool and it is fully supported by the tech support team.

Launch Assist

Launch Assist is a latest tier 3+ system admin. It is included for free with the reseller hosting and dedicated server hosting packages. It can help the customers with the following tasks:

  • Move reseller sites: Using Launch Assist the customers do not have to
    deal with the hassles of changing to a new server. The managed hosting team works with the customers to get all their sites transferred to the InMotion servers.
  • Optimize server performance: The tier 3+ system administrators will assist customers in setting up their servers properly. They will also help the customers optimize the sites to reduce load times, increase security and optimize databases.
  • Hassle-free setup: Overall, Launch Assist enables the customers’ hosting journey to be hassle-free. Whatever the issues or requests, they will be handled.

Managed WordPress Hosting

InMotion’s managed hosting plan is like having your personal support team for server customizations, special software installations, platform optimization and much more. Following are some of the managed hosting benefits:

  • Enhanced security measures
  • Platform optimization
  • Best-fit solutions
  • Automated tasks to save customers’ time
  • Fast and accurate responses to customers’ issues
  • Maximum uptime

WordPress Domain Registration

All domains registered with InMotion Hosting come with a free setup. Domain privacy is also available to protect customers from unwanted solicitors. Additional domains can be purchased through the Account Management Panel (AMP). Domains cost $14.99 per year. With any 12 or 24- month hosting plan, domain transfer is available for free. Plus, with the purchase of a 12 or 24-month business class plan, the domain is completely free for the first year.

WordPRess Web Design Services

InMotion also provides website design services to assist its customers with their website building requirements. The web design services are built on the WordPress platform and provide beautiful, custom made designs suitable for the client’s business. Hosting is always included with any design package. The website designs that are created are suitable for viewing on any mobile device. Other important features of this service include:

  • Premium WordPress plugins
  • Customer gets full ownership of the design
  • eCommerce solutions can also be created

Hosting Tools

Joomla! – InMotion Hosting makes it very easy to host a website using Joomla!. The benefits of using InMotion Hosting for Joomla! websites include:

  • Enhanced Hosting Security using suPHP. The system and software is kept up to date with the latest security improvements and patches.
  • 24×7 Joomla! hosting support is provided via phone, chat and email. The support center also provides tutorials, guides and helps with installation and configuration.

Drupal – InMotion Hosting is a provider recommended for Drupal hosting by the experts in the field. Drupal hosting is available with free SSD and is reputed for being secure, powerful and reliable. Attractive features of Drupal hosting with InMotion include:

  • 1-click easy installation with Softaculous
  • Better security using suPHP
  • Faster hosting using solid state drives or SSDs
  • 24x7x365 support from Drupal Experts
  • Choice of data centers to maximize the speed based on zone

cPanel – All InMotion Hosting accounts come with cPanel. cPanel makes account management tasks like creating email and FTP accounts, easy installation of software, managing domains and maintaining security very simple. Other benefits of cPanel include:

  • Detail-oriented, simple and intuitive interface.
  • Set up of unlimited email
  • Database wizard for easy creation of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.
  • Easy backups
  • Easy file editing
  • Installation of SSL certificates to protect the website using cPanel’s simple SSL/TLS Manager.

PrestaShop – PrestaShop is an easy-to-use e-commerce solution offered by InMotion Hosting. It can be installed on any InMotion hosting package. PrestaShop has 400 features, hundreds of templates and modules to choose from. Here are some of its important features:

  • Search engine friendly – PrestaShop offers a plethora of options to make the customers’ websites more visible on search engines.
  • Advanced reporting – Performance of the customers’ online store can be improved by using statistics of sales, customer profiles, tracking visitors.
  • Marketing – PrestaShop makes marketing for the online stores very easy.
  • Customer management – Customers of the online stores can use customer accounts to edit addresses, track orders and perform various other tasks.

Other hosting tools offered by InMotion Hosting with their hosting plans include Moodle, OpenCart, Magento and BoldGrid.

WordPress Hosting Features

Many more hosting options are offered by InMotion with their hosting packages.

  • SSD Hosting – Enables faster content delivery and improved website performance.
  • Shared cPanel Hosting – Enables easy server management.
  • eCommerce Hosting – Available with several 1-click install e-commerce applications.
  • SSH Hosting – Customers can work faster and more securely.
  • Ruby Hosting – Specially created for developers that use Ruby.
  • PostgreSQL Hosting – PostgreSQL hosting available with free SSD.
  • Cheap Hosting – Perfect for startups and personal websites.
  • Cheap Dedicated servers – Cheaper alternative to dedicated servers but provide the same powerful infrastructure, reliability and 24×7 support.
  • Transfer Websites – Websites can be transferred for free without and hassles or downtime.
  • PHP Hosting – Considered the best PHP hosting in the industry.

InMotion Frequently Asked Questions

What is InMotion?
InMotion is one of the major web hosting organization that is responsible for hosting more than 50,000+ websites, with another department for support services, which recorded more than 27,000 complaints from different customers in 2016.

InMotion has been known to be hosting web sites of many industry giants as well and their list of services is admirable as they have more than 10 hosting services, multiple hosting tools and many other hosting features as well.

What are InMotion Web Hosting Services?
InMotion’s web hosting services are their main and core services. These services include:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Launch Assist
  • Managed Hosting
  • Shared Business Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Web Design Services
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Enterprise Hosting Solution
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers

What is InMotion’s Shared Business Hosting?
InMotion sets your website on a server machine which is also being shared by other websites as well just like yours. If your website has a low amount of traffic and does not require too much supervision than shared business hosting is a viable option. However, it has its own downsides. One particular website can take up all of the space and slow down your website’s loading speed as well.

What is VPS hosting?
Much more like shared business hosting, VPS also let you shares one server machine with multiple users, however, it sets equally distributed space and bandwidth for each user so the other’s do not get affected if one’s website is getting overloaded by the traffic.

What are Dedicated Servers?
Dedicated server means that the whole server of InMotion is dedicated to a single particular website. Although this option is more expensive than the shared and VPS option but in return, you get much better performance and control.

What is Reseller Hosting?
Reselling hosting means that people purchase the partitions from the web hosting company and then resell them to other customers for profit. This is also another feature of InMotion.

What is managed hosting?
Just like Reseller Hosting, in Managed Hosting, InMotion provides a dedicated server and associated hardware to a client and he uses it to manage its customers.

I am a blogger. Which option of hosting should I opt for?
Many bloggers opt for WordPress hosting. WordPress Hosting means specific servers that are to be operated as hosts for InMotion is another one of the associates of WordPress.

If a person is running an organization of massive scale, what should the person opt for?
Enterprise Hosting Solution is the best choice. This service provides all the options that are required by an industrial level organization. Which includes database management, relationship management and so on.

What other website services do InMotion provides other than Hosting?

  • Launch Assist: According to InMotion, these are the support assistance that is delivered at the time when a host system of tier 3 is being launched.
  • Domain Names: Understandable by the name, these are the domain names which are carried by websites to identify themselves on the web.
  • Web Design Services: Web Design Services of InMotion includes Html, CSS, JavaScript and many other services that can be used to enhance the design of the website.

What Are Hosting Features and what are InMotion Hosting Features?
When you are developing a website, you want add-ons that will make it all together, better in operation and simple to use. However, that is not all that hosting features stand for. It also includes all benefits that one can get regarding web hosting. InMotion Hosting features include:

  • SSD Hosting
  • Shared ePanel Hosting
  • PostgreSQL Hosting
  • Cheap Hosting
  • Cheap Dedicated Servers
  • PHP Hosting
  • e-commerce Hosting
  • SSH Hosting
  • Ruby Hosting
  • Transfer Websites

How does InMotion hosting Feature works?
All of the features that are available in InMotion’s portal enhance the website’s speed, the functionality of a website, its delivery time and apart from this, they also have some cost factor effect as well. Some of these features will help in reducing the loading speed by use of either better hardware or compact programming language or they will simply give you good bang for the buck.

What are some examples of InMotion hosting features and how are they effective?

  • SSD Hosting: As we know that, SSD (Solid State Drives) are the successors of HDD (Hard Disk Drives) but, they both function totally different from each other. SSD use chips like a memory card and Hard disk uses physical disks to store data which bring us to the conclusion that HDD stores data much slower than the SSD. SSDs provide data much faster, meaning faster web browsing as well. However, that also makes it very expensive as compared to other services.
  • Cheap Dedicated Servers: Many organizations prefer to opt for this option for starters as they are cheap and provide the same functionality as of new dedicated servers. However, this also comes with its own cons as these systems are usually older CPUs and have some limitations of their own. They are mostly used systems so that means their lifespan would be shorter.
  • e-commerce Hosting: These features introduce the market feature, meaning the buying-selling feature online. Every online market uses this feature since the customers purchase goods and services through PayPal, Credit Card, Skrill and or other payment methods.

What are InMotion Hosting Tools?
These are the tools which are used to help the website administrator to control the website’s features and the website’s functions. These tools also include the platforms themselves as well which let admin make changes in the website. Such tools which are available on InMotion includes:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • cPanel
  • PrestaShop
  • Moodle
  • OpenCrat
  • Magento
  • BoldGrid

What is InMotion GoGreen initiative?
InMotion has started an initiative in which they are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Looking at the rate of global warming, InMotion has been using efficient tools that will reduce their data center’s energy intake. The most significant change they made was on the air cooling of the systems. As of 2016, they managed to reduce carbon emission by 70% and reduced carbon emission by 2,000 tons per year.

InMotion Resources For Beginners

Best WordPress Hosting – GoDaddy

wordpress hosting company
Best WordPress Hosting – GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a very well-known domain registrar and one of the best WordPress hosting companies.

It has been around for almost two decades and as of January 2016 has more than 60 million domain names under its management.

This has made it the world’s biggest ICANN-accredited registrar. In addition to this, GoDaddy also sells e-business related software and services.

WordPress Domains

Finding a Domain
GoDaddy helps you find the ideal domain name for yourself or your business. Their low prices, huge selection of names and experts available 24×7 make this process a lot simpler for the customer. The domain setup is extremely simple and can be done without any technical knowledge. GoDaddy provides up to 100 subdomains to customize your site. There are quick, simple tools available to forward your domains to any existing website.

Domain Services
Other Domain services like domain transfer and privacy are provided by GoDaddy. Your domains can be transferred to GoDaddy from another web hosting company fast and hassle-free. They also provide a 1-yr extension on your domain registration free of charge. Domain privacy services are available starting $7.99 /year per domain. For your privacy and safety, GoDaddy’s privacy company, Domains by Proxy replaces your private details in public directories with its own. In this way, you protected from hackers, hijackers and data miners.

With GoDaddy auctioning your domains is easy and affordable. The membership fee for GoDaddy Auctions is $4.99 per year. Auctions like Multi-Bid tool and Auctions API can be used to assist you in the listing and selling of your domains.

Domain Investor Tools
GoDaddy provides access to the following domain investor tools with its services:

Discount Domain Club
Membership to the club is available at $9.99 per month. The plan features include domain savings, revenue generation with CashParking Premium, full access to GoDaddy auctions and savings on domain negotiation services.

Domain Backorder
The domain backorder service enables you to get in line for your chosen domain name and receive it once it becomes available. Domain backorders are available at $24.98 each. The price includes registration cost and ICANN fee.

CashParking enables you to make money on your domains by hosting advertisements and search engine friendly articles. The basic plan starts at $3.99 per month.

WordPRess Websites

Website Builder
GoDaddy’s website builder tool enables you to design a website quickly even without any significant design or technical experience. Publishing to social media sites like Google and Facebook is also very simple. The tool has an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. The website builder allows you to customize your website according to your business needs which makes them one of the best WordPress hosting companies. You will also be able to choose tablet and desktop layouts to give your visitors the desired experience. The tool can be tried free for a month and then for $5.99 per month.

Online Store
The online store package offered by GoDaddy includes a website, hosting and shopping cart along with many other attractive features. There is a free trial available for a month and the cost is $29.99 per month after that. Some of the other benefits of the online store include:

  • Beautiful themes to make your website more professional.
  • Ability to accepting credit cards and PayPal as payment methods.
  • Ability to open a store on Facebook.
  • Customers can rate and review your products and service.
  • Built-in SEO tools.
  • 24/7 support
  • Ability to ship anywhere.
  • Secure checkout for customers’ protection.

WordPress Website Hosting
Creating and launching a WordPress website is very easy with GoDaddy. The host offers pre-built websites which can be customized and used immediately. Several features can be added using free plugins. In addition, a free domain, email and 24×7 support is provided with the plan. The basic plan which is ideal for personal sites and blogs starts at $3.99 per month.

Hire an Expert
GoDaddy also offers a website design service in which you can hire a web designer to create your website. Customers can take advantage of their free consultation before committing to the design service. The web design expert will create, host and update your websites quickly based on your requirements.

WordPress Hosting

Web hosting
GoDaddy has data centers globally at many locations. This ensures that the customers’ websites have faster load times. One-click installations of software like Joomla!, Drupal, etc. are available with the hosting plans. The plans also come with 99.99% uptime guarantee. The basic economy Linux plan is available for $3.99 per month. All plans include the following benefits:

  • Easy purchase of additional resources
  • 1GB database storage (MySQL Linux)
  • 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection
  • One-click setup for GoDaddy domains
  • Easy-to-use control panel

Best WordPress Hosting

Basic WordPress hosting plans are available at an affordable price of $3.99 per month. GoDaddy’s support team will handle all the hosting setup and management allowing the customers to focus on their real jobs. Benefits included in all plans:

  • Thousands of free themes and plugins
  • Daily backups and easy content restorations
  • Free domain with annual plan
  • One-click migration tool
  • Free 24/7 support
  • And much more

WordPress VPS Hosting

The Linux VPS hosting plans are available from $16.99 per month. These plans are ideal for fast growing web applications. The customer gets full root access and the plans are highly customizable. They provide a high uptime guarantee and are hence very reliable.

WordPress Dedicated Servers

These plans start from $69.99 per month for Linux servers. Windows based plans are also available. They are perfect for web applications requiring a large amount of resources. The plans come with unlimited resources and full root access. The dedicated hosting plans come with many useful features including:

  • cPanel access
  • Easy upgrades
  • State-of-the-art Xeon processors for high speed
  • Provisioning of the server done in minutes.
  • Malware removal, a web application firewall and CDN pre-installed
  • Site backup – $4.99 for 50GB
  • MySQL provided with all Linux server plans

WordPRess Cloud Servers

The cloud server hosting plan is free to use for the first 30 days. It is ideal for developers to build, test, clone and destroy virtual instances. The servers can be configured according to requirements and are highly scalable. GoDaddy also provides 99.9% uptime guarantee for its cloud servers. The cloud server plans start at $5 per month for 20GB. All of these plans include:

  • Utility billing
  • SSD high performance
  • Snapshots and backups
  • Openstack powered KVM virtualization
  • And much more.

WordPress Web Security

SSL Certificates
SSL certificate plans help in making your website more secure and generate a feeling of safety within the customers. They enable you to safely accept credit cards on your website. Additionally, they also enable you to protect customers’ sensitive information by encryption and decryption. GoDaddy offers SSL certificate plans starting from an affordable rate of $55.99 per year for one website. All of these plans include:

  • SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption
  • Protection for unlimited number of servers
  • Unlimited 24/7 security support
  • Boost for Google search rankings
  • Up to USD $1M liability protection
  • Compatibility with all major browsers
  • Security seal on the website

Website Protection
GoDaddy provides SiteLock Website Security to enable you to keep your website running clean and fast. It scans and removes malware and also stops malware attacks before they reach your website. Additionally, it also detects security gaps and back doors before they are exploited.

SiteLock 911 is an emergency malware cleanup provided at a one-time fee of $199.99/event. Other plans called Essential, Deluxe and Ultimate are available for malware protection. All these plans include the following features:

  • Spam blacklist monitoring
  • Search engine blacklist monitoring
  • SiteLock Trust Seal
  • 30-day money back guarantee

WordPress Online Marketing

Search Engine Visibility – This is an online marketing tool provided by GoDaddy that enables the customer to improve the website’s search engine optimization. Using this tool, the customers can work in a DIY manner to bring more traffic to their sites and also improve the site’s visibility on the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. GoDaddy being the number one domain registrar, knows the internet inside out. This has helped them design their SEO services to be very powerful, easy to use and affordable. Their efficient support team is also available 24×7 for any of the customers’ concerns.

Get Found – GoDaddy’s Get Found is a service that helps you get your business listed everywhere on top sites like Google, Yelp and Foursquare. The plan starts as low as $11.99 per month.

Email Marketing – GoDaddy also provides an email marketing plan make it possible for you to email all your customers business-boosting emails in a matter of minutes. The beginner plan starts at $6.99 per month. This service is compatible with both the Website Builder and the Online Store tools. All of the email marketing plans include the following important features:

  • Simple drag-and-drop email composer
  • Automatic removal of bad addresses
  • Ability to add clickable buttons to emails for generating better responses
  • Top infrastructure and authentication tools
  • Easy integration with social media applications

Hire An WordPress Expert

SEO Services
The GoDaddy hosting company offers an expert team for SEO services. The initial consultation is free and the plans and pricing can be customized to your business needs. These services will cover all the aspects of SEO including keywords and content.

The SEO services are offered all over the world in English, French and Spanish. They are compatible with all types of hosting and site builders which includes both GoDaddy products like Website Builder and Online Store and also applications hosted elsewhere like Wix and Squarespace. They only cannot support sites built completely in Flash.

The SEO services team helps you develop a strategy and roadmap for the development of your site. This includes several on-site and off-site SEO optimizations that will help the website rank higher on popular search engines.

Social Media Management
Along with the SEO services GoDaddy also helps you manage your social media for online marketing of your website. There is a team of social media experts that will keep your pages updated with fresh and relevant content. This will in turn attract more visitors to your social pages and advertise your website.

Email & Office

Professional Email
GoDaddy offers professional email services starting as low as $3.49 per user per month. This enables you to get an email that matches your domain and hence build trust with your customers. The basic professional email plan also comes with 5 GB of email storage.

Statistics show that customers are more likely to choose a business with a professional, memorable and domain-based email account. Office 365 is an application from GoDaddy that works with Outlook, Apple Mail etc. to keep all your devices in sync. All of the GoDaddy profession email plans come with the following benefits:

  • Award winning 24×7 support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Top-class data security and spam filtering
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Outlook web application

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 365 from GoDaddy has a very simple set up and provides improved performance for the most popular Office programs like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. It integrates smoothly with OneDrive and is suitable for cross-platform users too. The plans for Microsoft Office 365 start as low as $6.99 per user per month. The following benefits are included in all plans:

  • Online storage for your documents and files
  • Excellent 24×7 support
  • Online versions of Office
  • And much more

Online Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping has been made very simple by GoDaddy. The online bookkeeping service provided by this host starts as low as $3.99 per month. It helps you to keep everything organized without having to spend hours on data entry or handling receipts. All of the online bookkeeping plans include:

  • Management of your finances without any accounting knowledge
  • Automatic creation of invoices
  • Acceptance of payments via credit and debit cards on your smartphone
  • Easy viewing of business reports

GoDaddy Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by a hosting service provider?
A company who provides services of web hosting is known as a hosting service provider. These types of companies provide the users with resources so that they can store the data of their websites on the web servers provided by the hosting service provider company and place their website on the internet. These companies provide different types of web hosting according to the needs of their clients.

What is Godaddy?
Godaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar and web hosting company approved by ICANN. It also provides web hosting and email hosting. It is one of the best domain registrars on the internet. You can easily afford their packages because they provide services that are not only best in the market but also very affordable.

What is a domain registrar?
Domain name registrar is a company that reserves the domain name for your website on the internet. If you want to start a blog, or an e-commerce store, or a website that represents your business to your clients, you need a strong internet presence to spread your ideas. For this purpose, you need a website and a unique domain name for that website that is different from other people’s websites and is easy to remember. Domain name registrar company helps you to keep your domain name over the internet.

What is a domain name?
We need addresses in the physical world to identify a place, similarly, in the virtual world, we also need an address to identify a website or a blog. Just like your home address in the physical world, the domain name is the address of your website or blog in the virtual world. In computer terminology, the address used to reach your website is called an IP Address, which is something like this etc. It is a combination of some set of numbers.

Isn’t it hard to remember? To make it easier for you to remember, we have domain name serving as a user-friendly version of an IP address. Domain name is easier to remember than an IP address, therefore, it is used to remember websites. The address that you type into an address bar of your browser is actually the domain name that is working as an address.

What is web hosting?
Web hosting or website hosting is service that allows you to post your website on the internet. It is also responsible for making it visible to the public on the internet. Let’s suppose that you want to start your own blog, so to make your blog available on the internet so that people can visit your blog, you need web hosting service. There are many companies who provide excellent web hosting services and is one of the best companies that provides services including web hosting.

What is email hosting?
Email hosting is internet hosting service that operates the email servers(computers). It is premium
service. For your convenience, for example, your email address is But you want your website’s domain name instead of Gmail.

The email hosting company will provide your customized email address for you for example at your college website, you’ll have your email address like this or you have at least heard one. Most of the businesses prefer customized email accounts to contact with their customers. These customized email accounts help them to look more professional while connecting with their customers.

How much does it cost to own my domain name on Godaddy?
Godaddy is an affordable platform and it cost only $14.99 for a .com domain that is the mostly used than all other domain names. It provides different affordable deals according to the needs and preference of their customers.

Why people use Godaddy?
Godaddy is one of the best company that provides different services including web hosting and domain name reservation. People use GoDaddy because they have the knowledge and experience to serve their needs well. They provide excellent services and have great customer support.

Is Godaddy trustworthy?
Yes, Godaddy has more than 13 million customers worldwide. It has 60 million domains under management. It is worth trusting.

How to buy a domain on Godaddy?
Buying a domain on GoDaddy is pretty simple. First, go to Godaddy’s website that is Steps to buying a domain are listed below:

  1.  Search for your desired domain name. if your desired domain name is luckily available then Godaddy will ask you to choose .com(default) domain or three other domains.
  2.  Now it will ask you whether you want domain privacy (it depends upon your choice). It cost extra charges.
  3.  You may ignore the option “Add an email” or simply add.
  4. Select “Continue to cart”.
  5. Register to create an account by providing necessary information.
  6. On the next screen, you’ll be asked to review your purchase. Proceed and pay.
  7. You are done, now you’ll get a confirmation message and your customer number, keep it safe.

What makes Godaddy better than other domain registrar companies?
There are many reasons that make Godaddy better than other domain registrar companies. Go daddy is simple, fast and offers very attractive pricing.

  • It offers great deals to its customers like $0.99 for the first year. So, people who want to own a website but are on the tight budget can easily afford the services of Godaddy.
  • With Godaddy you’ll have best customer service esp. if you like phone support, you’ll no
    longer have to wait for your response. If you have any problem, they will always be there to assist you.
  • With Godaddy, you can easily set up your blog or forum with easy online tools free of cost. You do not have to be expert in this field.
  • It provides the online knowledge base, if you don’t want to call their customer support, you can get your desired information in a knowledge base.
  • Smart search for domain names allows you to enter the keywords for your desired domain name and it will provide you different ideas for domain names that are available.
  • With Godaddy, you can customize the behavior of 404 page free of cost. Most of other hosting companies take extra charges for this. GoDaddy is one of the best WordPress hosting providers.

GoDaddy Resources For Beginners