Alternative WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins that Are Alternative of Dead Plugins

If you are using a self hosted WordPress website, then you must already know that how useful plugins can be when you are trying to optimize your WordPress website. There are many excellent plugins that no matter what, you are going to use them, regardless of what kind of website you have. However, some of these plugins are no longer supported. Developers have stopped providing services for these plugins for different reasons. Those plugins are of crucial nature, and your website would be much better if you could get an alternative of those plugins. So here is our list of alternative plugins of popular plugins that got removed from WordPress.

Alternative Content and Appearance Plugins

  • Comicpress Companion: Comicpress Companion was made obsolete by the Jetpack, and you can now use it for customizing your CSS sheets, but before Jetpack, Comicpress Companion was used to modify the CSS.
  • WP-Cumulus: The plugin is no longer active since it’s developer decided to discontinue it. However, you can use WP Category Tag Cloud as an alternative since it has the same function of building Flash tag clouds that could render in 2D or 3D.
  • GD Star Rating: GD Rating System has taken the place of this very small, common and quite helpful plugin. It is used for giving star ratings to content or ranking.
  • WP Mobile Detector: WP Mobile Edition is a nice alternative of WP Mobile Detector. As it detects the users’ device and adapts to the website accordingly.
  • WP Widget Cache: Widget Output Cache do quite the similar thing as of WP Widget Cache, that is to cache the output of the widgets.
  • Page Flip Image Gallery: Although there are many replacements for this plugin, however, the most famous one is WPPDF, it works exactly how Page Flip Image Gallery used to work.
  • AJAX Event Calendar: It is not possible to find a replica of any plugin since they all use custom fields to carry values. However, there is Event Calendar WD which is quite similar to AJAX Event Calendar.
  • Popularity Contest: WordPress Popular Posts is something that might help you regarding this plugin. This plugin shows the popular contents of your blog.
  • WP-O-Matic: WPeMatico is somewhat similar to this plugin which was an aggregator and auto blogging plugin.
  • WordPress Content Slide: Master Slider is a responsive HTML replacement for this particular
    plugin as it replaces WordPress Content Slide and comes with support for mobile devices as well.

Alternative Backup Plugins

  • WP Online Backup: WP-DB-Backup does the similar thing to what WP Online Backup does, that is to create backups and send it to the administrator’s email. It is to be noted that it only backup core tables and not the plugin data or files.
  • Ready Backup: Ready Backup was an all in one backup plugin. Ready Backup plugin integrated WordPress backups with other cloud backup services, which includes Dropbox and Amazon S3. Since this plugin is not operational anymore, BackWPup can be used instead of it which comes with the support for Dropbox, S3, Google Drive, etc.

Alternative Plugins to Advertising Plugins

  • Easy Adsense: A great plugin but it is not being supported by its developer, you can simply replace it with the Easy Adsense Lite. It lets you put up ads in your blog quite more quickly and also assists you in staying within the limits of Google’s mentioned number of AdSense ad per page.
  • Simple Ads Manager: There were many users of this amazing ad manager. However, it was left behind by its developer. It is still functional by the name of SAM Pro Free.
  • Advertising Manager: AdRotate does quite the same thing as the Advertising Manager used to do, that is, ad rotation.
  • All in One AdSense and YPN: It is another famous or infamous AdSense plugin. The reason for calling it infamous is that many of its users claimed that it was somehow funneling money to the developer. Nevertheless, the plugin was quite useful in nature, and its alternative is available by the name of Easy AdSense Lite.

Alternative Analytics Plugins

  • Statpress: This plugin has been replaced by the Jetpack and it has been discontinued and with it, many other plugins have also been discontinued. However, if you still do not want to install
    Jetpack, then you can use Slim Stat Analytics

Alternative Back-end, Administration, and Dashboard Plugins

  • WordPress Automatic Upgrade: WordPress does not apply any update automatically. This plugin did use to automatically update the WordPress but it has been deleted now. However, Automatic Updater does the same thing as well.
  • My Page Order: Simple Page Ordering performs the same feature as the My page order. It is used to let the users with admin rights to change the order of pages in the backend.
  • My Category Order: Similar to Category Order, this plugin lets the user categorize accordingly at the backend. You can use Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order in its place.
  • Custom Content Type Manager: This plugin caught suspicion of many people. As useful as it was, it was said that it contained a malicious code injection. Since the developer of the plugin does not support it anymore, you can use Content Types and Fields if you are looking for the alternative.
  • Maintenance Mode: Maintenance Mode was disabled some time ago, but there are several alternatives to this, such as Maintenance.
  • Adminer: This was a plugin that used to let the users access PHPMyAdmin through their WordPress administrator panel area. While there is no replica of this plugin as of yet, however, there are some replacements of this plugin which includes WP-Optimize. It provides the same database tools in a plugin with some more features that are quite similar to the Adminer.
  • Mailpress: Mailpress was a useful tool, and it has been currently under maintenance due to some breaching or exploitation of the code. Until then, Newsletter is recommended.
  • WP Shortcode Exec: Add Shortcodes and Filters is one of the replacements of this amazing plugin. This was a handy plugin, and that let the user create or execute some custom made shortcodes. This alternative plugin also lets the user import details from old WP Shortcode Exec.
  • Optimize DB: Clean Up Booster does something similar to the Optimize DB. Optimize DB used to function as a cleaner to make the website effective by deleting all the unnecessary revisions, tags, and comments.
  • Register Plus: Register Plus and the Register Plus Redux, which was its successor, both have been deleted. Try to use User Registration Aide if you are looking for an alternative.

Alternative Form Plugins

  • Cforms: Cforms are not operational anymore. However, there is a counterpart of it that is available, Cforms2.
  • WP-reCAPTCHA: If you are looking for an alternative for this popular reCAPTCHA plugin, then use, WordPress ReCaptcha Integration.
  • TDO Mini Forms: This was considered to be very helpful when it came to content management. Whenever a person posted content, the admin would receive a request to approve the content. Since it is no longer functional, it is recommended to use User Submitted Posts.

Alternative Media Plugins

  • PodPress: This plugin made it quite easy to host podcast as it was dependent on the WordPress as the back-end. If you were using it frequently, then you might want to look at the Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin which works very similarly to the PodPress.
  • Viper’s Video Quicktags: This plugin was quite useful when there was no video embedding code available on WordPress. However, since WordPress has made advancements, this advancement is no longer needed.
  • Audio Player: This plugin is no longer supported. If you are looking forward to embedding an audio player on your website, then Simple Audio Player is something you might want to look at.
  • JW Player Plugin for WordPress: This plugin still exists. However, its name has now changed from JW Player Plugin to JW Player 7 for WordPress.
  • WP Filebase: WP Filebase is a media manager that helps you in managing your files quite easily. However, it has been removed from the WordPress but it is still available as a standalone plugin from GitHub, but it seems the development of it has stopped. If you are looking for a free plugin, replace it with the Enhanced Media Library or Media Library Plus.

Alternative Security Plugins

  • Security by Supsystic: Although this plugin has a website, it is not listed in WP repository so it is advised that you replace it with All in One WP Security and Firewall just to be on the safe side.
  • Stealth Login: This plugin was able to secure the wp-login.php by using a rotating unlock code screen. Replace it with a new Stealth Login Page.
  • WordPress File Monitor: Better WP Security includes all the features of the WordPress File Monitor, as well as some other useful safety features.
  • Website Defender: All in One WP Security and Firewall is something that can be used as a substitute of this plugin and it provides quite practical suggestions and tools for protection purposes, just like Website Defender used to.

Alternative SEO Plugins

Robots Meta: Simple Robots Meta can easily replace this plugin. It creates a robots.txt.
SEO Rank Reporter: Wincher Rank Tracker is similar to this plugin. This plugin tracks the rank of the website every few days and sends the report to the admin’s email.

Alternative Social Media Plugins

  • WordBook: Publicize module of Jetpack is somewhat similar to this one as WordBook used to share posts on a Facebook wall, but since it has been shut down, Publicize of Jetpack is as close as you can get to having the WordBook.
  • Social: This was a MailChimp plugin, that used to act a connection between a WordPress blog and Facebook/Twitter. Jetpack covers most of the functionality of this tool.
  • Social Slider 2: Displaying a sliding social panel has become tough now as the Social Slider 2 has been deleted. Although you might want to check out and try the WP Social Slider but keep in mind that it has not been updated for some time.
  • Twitter Blackbird Pie: The Twitter plugin is now replacing this WordPress plugin. It helped in embedding the twitter’s tweets on the WordPress, and it could be done with a lot of ease.
  • Mingle Forum: WPForo and bbPress are good replacements for this plugin. This plugin used to let the users embed a Mingle Forum into their WordPress website.

Alternative Translation Plugins

  • qTranslate: This was one of the most used multilingual switches which have been abandoned. However, there is another system that has been inspired by the qTranslate, qTranslate-X. The author says that it has nothing in common with the original qTranslate, but it works quite similar to it.
  • Codestyling Localization: This plugin does not work anymore due to being out of date. It is better if you try Loco Translate at its place.

If you are looking for alternative solutions for plugins of WordPress that have been deleted or no
longer supported, then surely you can find them on the list mentioned above.

Alternative Cache Plugins

  • DB Cache: W3 Total Cache is something that is more of the norm now when it comes to cache management. Since this plugin has been discarded.
  • Quick Cache: Another one of the Cache plugins and can be replaced by a more efficient W3 Total Cache.
  • WP Cache: One of the best cache plugin, WP Cache. However, it was not discounted but its name changed to

Alternative Ecommerce Plugins

  • eShop: This plugin was quite famous. However, its developer has abandoned the plugin altogether. You can get WooCommerce Plugin and transfer your data from this plugin to WooCommerce without any problem.
  • Cart66 Lite: Although this plugin has somewhat left its true identity, it still exists by the name of Cart66 Cloud
  • YAK for WordPress: Yet Another Kart was quite a simple tool yet it was quite useful. It was a cart option that was quite simple in structure and could associate any post or page with a product, and the plugin also came up with the billing process. WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is something that is quite useful and similar to the original YAK.

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